2019 March/April/May/June

 Date        Name/s of Visitors     From                                   Comments


 Brian & Jennifer J            Tunbridge Wells

 Lovely to be back again


 Janet & Philip R               Scarborough

 So good to be back with you all


 Denis & Hilda                   N Ireland

 Privilege bro worship with you, enjoyed the message


 Graham & Sylvia               Colchester

 Truly blessed again


 Jamie H                           Amersham

 Thou art everywhere Amen


 Brenda & Brian S              Shropshire

 Great service, thank you for our time here


 Chris & Elaine G                Buxton

 Thank you for blessing us again on our 7th visit


 Joy J                                Amersham

 Thank you for the wonderful service and fellowship


 Claire & Tim H                 Rickmansworth

 Wonderful welcome, leaving with joy


 Paul & Sherry                   Leeds

 Very inspiring, Thank you


 Roly & Sheila                    Rushden

 We serve a Mighty Saviour


 Jamie H                            Amersham

 Thou art everywhere


 Rodney & Olive C               Bantry, Cork

 Thank you for wonderful blessings these past four weeks


 Jean H                       Puerto del Carmen

 Praise the Lord, what a great God we serve. Amen


 Drew & Janet M             Newry N Ireland

 Thank you for a lovely service


 Valerie & Harold P                York

 Thank you for making us so welcome. God bless you all


 Susanne & Brian P           Twickenham

 Thank yo, uplifting service, very welcoming


 Kirsten D                         Glasgow

 It has been lovely having a church whilst in Lanzarote


 Carole H                         Scotland  

 Thank you for a wonderful three months of praise, worship and fellowship


 John & Pat D                 Poraco, Scotland



 Paul H                            N Ireland

 Wonderful to be back


 Peter & Jackie A                   York



 Trish D                          Northants

 Welcoming and uplifting


 Sue & Martin                  Hastings

 The presence of God here is so wonderful


 Dannie & Margaret C      East Kilbride

 Thanks for the warm welcome


 Rachel & Andrew H             Bath

 our second time to this lovely Church. The first time we were so thankful for your kindness when our son badly cut his head.


 Paul H                                Lisburn

 Enjoyed the worship


 Angela & John P              SA3 5WY

 Excellent service, Thank you


 John M                          Swansea

 Such a blessing. Spoke to me


 John & Denise B          West Yorkshire

 A blessed time while on holiday. He is risen. Uplifting time of fellowship, praise and God's Word


 Dave,Adele,Nathan& Abigail W. Yorkshire

 We had a very blessed time celebrating Easter here while on family holiday


 Hans & Jean B                Pembury

 So lovely being with you again. The Lord is good


 Brenda & Jack O           Lowestoft

 Have had such a good time and been blessed today.


 Margaret & Bill B      Bally Clare Co Antrim

 Glad we found the church, much appreciated


 Wendy & Graham  Bury St Edmunds

 Great to fellowship with you!


 Andy & Norma          Leeds

 Lovely fellowship


 Joy O          Newtown, Powys

 Pleased to be together worshiping God in Church. Joy and Peace are here. May God bless and add to the number


 Brian & Iris G     Scotland

 Loved being with you, Praying for guidance and blessings


 Ruth & Clifford      Newton, Powys

 May God bless your service here in Playa Blanca


 Basil & Elizabeth Co Down, N Ireland



 Bill & Elizabeth C          Poole

 Thank you for your welcome


 Pauline & David W       Canterbury

 God bless your work here


 Heather & Paula    North Tyneside

 Lovely time meeting fellow Christians


 Colin & Deb D            Wales

 God bless you abundantly


 Mareike                 Cape Town

 Wonderful worship and Word. God bless you


 Kathleen M             Ballykelly NI

 God bless

                  David M                Ballykelly NI                God bless you on your journey

                  Chris D                 Lancashire                   Thank you