Sorry about new format, I'm working on it, but all the information is here


Margaret and Chris K from Essex

Wonderful to meet with Gods people whilst on holiday.

Jackie and Colin K from Oxonian

Blessed as always here.


Gill and Ray Mc from Wirral 

Wonderful fellowship praise God.


Dave S 

A real blessing 


Brenda and Brian Shropshire

Great Carol Service Thank you.

Sandra B from Kildare

Beautiful carol service.

Brendan C from Ireland

very blessed.

Brian and Karen B from Latham St Anne’s

Great worship together at Christmas.

Alan and Rhonda A from Dungannon

Lovely service thanks.

Levi A from N Ireland



Mary Ann W from Benidorm



Richard, Linda, Kyle and Lorraine L from N Ireland

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Janice and Alan from Felixstowe 

A moving and poignant service full of Gods word.


Paul and Susan M from Lichfield 

 Live with the fruit not the flesh.

Helen and Roger G from North Yorkshire

A blessed time.

Trevor and Jane K from Leicester

Good to meet with God.

Christine N from Edinburgh 

I love this service.

Paul H from N Ireland 

Loved message on fruits.

Mary and Terry G from London

By his stripes you are healed and made whole.

David and Pippa R from Cornwall 

Great to be with our friends again.

Dave and Tine R from Cheshire 

You are a blessing.


Bart and Jenneke Z from The Netherlands

 Thanks for the family feeling, inspiration and worship God bless you with this great place.

Stuart and Helen P from Swindon 

Thank you for a warm welcome.



Jo C. N.I.


Lovely Service.


 Laura and Franc V. 

 Praise God.


 Brian C N.I.



 Joel T N.I.



 Adam C N.I.



 John and Gill McK. L.S.

 Nice to see you all again. Blessings.

28/10/2018Cliff and Marion D. WSM. 

 Wonderful to have fellowship and worship. God Bless you.


 Fred and Margaret I. Shetland. 

 Very Welcoming Church.


 Liz and Brian A. Essex:

 Thank you for a great Service.


 Pastor Trev and Esther. NI:

 Good to be with you Brother and Sisters.


 Brian and Lynn W. Essex.

 Another Great Sermon. Wonderful Fellowship.


 Ryan and Pamela E. Scotland.

 Really encouraging and uplifting, Thank you. 


 Harry and Kathryn S. Glasgow.

 Happy people, very welcoming.


 Terry and Margaret W. W´ton.

 Great Blessing.


 Gareth and Pauline W. Ely.

 Lovely Spirit filled Service.


 William and Fiona F.Scotland.

 Every Blessing.


 David and Ruth W.N.I.

 Its great to praise God around the world.


 David and Maggie B. Wlts.

 Wonderful Service as usual. 


 David and Christine. W.Mid.

 Lovely Spirit and Worship. We keep Praying for you all.


 Chis J. Chelmsford.

 Lovely welcome. Inspiring.  


 Janet R.Scotland.

 A splendid Service. Thank You


 Stu and Hilary R. W.Mid.

 God is good.


 Jim,Margaret and June. W.Mids 

 Sorry to be leaving - Loved every minute, thanks for the Love and Fellowship. 


 Chris H Sussex.

 Good Word.


 Heather H. Sussex.

 Good Word.


 Kevin and Susan K. Warks.

 Beautiful Welcome.


 Fola and Sola O. Colchester.

 We hve been blessed and uplifted by the testimony and the Word. Thank you. 


 Susan S.Essex.

 Lovely Church, Full of Love.


 Pauline J. Essex.

 Lovely Church, Full of Love, Lovely Service.


 Kevin and Dza C. Essex.

 Great to join together and Praise god.


 Robert and Sandra. N.I.

 Good to Worship with you. God Bless.


 Margaret,Jim and June. W.Midlands. 

 Good to be home! God is good.


 Henry J. Middx.

 So Blessed, Timely and apt message. May God bring in the harvest.


 Mark,Margaret and Amy A.N.Wales. 

 Great to find fellowship on holiday with Gods people, we were very blessed.


 Ruth J. Middx. 

 Thank you for the message and God bless you all.


 Virginia B. Nazaret.

 Thank you, very enjoyable.


 Kevin and Margret P. Glasgow.

 Such privilege to share with you today.


 Stephen and Heather M. Nottingham.

 Great to be with you again. Thank you for thr word, God spoke love through it. 


 Donna D. N.I.

 Thank you so much, a wonderful blessing.x


 Peter D. Ireland. 

 Great meeting of disciples. 


 Sally and Dave M. London.

Royal Dock Church E16 and 

Bonny Dawns Church E6

Thank you for the warm Welcome

Keep the streams of living Water flowing.


 Jane C. Scotland.

 Lovely friendly fellowship.


 Lynn W. Essex.

 Thank the Lord he has provided us with another happy place of worship.


 Chrissy N. Playa Blanca.

 Thank you for everything.


 Ann D. Sun Park. 

 His Love is new every moment, we see it here now! Wow!xx.


 Milos Gino B. Playa Blanca.

 Thank you for this wonderful Service! I wish you all of the blessings for this New Chapter. Praise the Lord.


 Victoria H. Sun Park.

 Welcome to our new home in Jesus.


 Lynne and Seboeva. B'Ham.

 Excellent as usual.


 Morar,Tim and Nathan J. Scotland.

 Thanks for the warm fellowship and encouragement in God.


 Norman and Jenny.

 Blessing to be with you.


 Margaret S. Scotland.

 Awesome. Thank you for being here.x.


 Wendy and Graham. Bury St Edmunds.Uk.

 Thank you for you servant hearts and the Love you show. You are such a blessing to the many holiday makers who come through the doors. Jn 13:35.


 Margret A.Scotland.

 Nice to be back.


 Jane and Helfried. Germany.

 Wonderful fellowship.


 Rod and Jackie B.Wiltshire. 

 As always warm welcome wonderful sence of God. Bless you allxx.


 Koer and Maeiette C. Holland.

 Thank you for Gods Word of hope and Love. God Bless you.



 Very moving.


 Josephine. Holland.

 Beautiful songs.


 Larissa. Holland.



 Derick and Monique S. Sussex.  

 God Bless your Service.


 David and Patsy K. Surrey.

 So good to share the Love and Worship to the Lord with you. Got to go now, but we leave with you blessings and Love  from people who love the Lord at St Michel's. 


 Peter H. N.I.

 Great Service as always.


 Wendy. Bury st Edmund's.

 Such a sence of Gods Spirit moving today. Thank You.


 Ruth. Colchester.

 Gods presence was here.


 Derick and Monique. Sussex.

 A word for us.


 Ken C.Staffs.

 Sail boat today.


 Paul H.N.I.

 Lovely to be back.


 David and Patsy K.Surrey.

 What a Joy to share the day of the Lords Love - on the road to Emmaus - Wow.


 Rich and Becky A. Colchester.

 Lovely to be with you.


 Jeff,Vicky and George G. N.I.

 Thanks for a very warm welcome.God Bless.


 Gavin,Tiangu,Cephas,Titus and Tertius. Kent.

 God Bless you richly.Thanks.


 Amy McQueen,Alexander,F. martin and Davey F. Suffolk. 

 Blessing to Worship with you. Thanks for the encouragement. 


 Dennis and Rachel B. N.Yorkshire.

 Great Word and Lovely Welcome.Thanks.


 Brian and Liz A. Essex.

 Thank you for your care and Love.


 Wendy and Graham. Bury St Edmunds.

 Great Preach - good to hear the Gospel and your testimony Keith.


 Liz and Brian A. Essex.

 Great and powerful Service.


 Gill and Rick H. Lanc's.

 Lovely to find this fellowship on our holday. Thank you.


 Barbra R. Derbyshire.

 Thank you. 


 Rosie,Penny and Rory C. Derbyshire. 

 I Love Church from Penny aged 5..


 Bill and Lynn. Bath.

 Lovely Welcome and people full of Gods Love and Spirit.


 David and Valerie H. E. Sussex.

 Great to Worship here on Easter Sunday.


 Be and Kim. Elsa, Seguoia. T.Derb.

 Love from Fountain Squire Church. Tideswell.


 Jamie and Christine T. E.Yorkshire.

 Thank you.


 Darryl and Pat D. Cumbria.

 A lovely Service with a Powerful message.


 Sandra and Barry J.Hampshire.

 What a Blessing.


 David and Joanne. Suffolk. 

 Thank you.


 Mark and Hilary P. Surrey.

 Palm Sunday. What a week ahead.


 Graham and Kris S. Lincolnshire.

 Very Friendly.


 Ali C. Hove.



 Kevin and Margaret. Scotland.

 Lovely Service as always.


 Sandra and Barry J. Hampshire.

 Thank you for your blessings.


 Ken and Louse G. Scotland.

 Blessed to be with you again.


 Dave,Joyce and Laura F. Lincolnshire.

 Than you for the warm welcome.


 John and Gillian McK. Scotland.

 Love and Blessings.


 Niel and Mandy S. Kent.

 Good to join you again.


 Rachel and David P. Cornwall.

 God bless you all. Encouraging Word.


 Steve and Rita R. Devon.

 Thanks for the 6 weeks of good fellowship. God Bless. 


 Brian and Lynn. Essex.

 We Love our Services here always. the Lord teaches us something new.


 Brian and Jennifer. Kent

 Great to be back Bless you.


 Joy J.Bucks.

 Love and Blessings.


 Janie H. Bucks.

 Oneness to all.


 Ros and Bob W. Essex.

 Great Teaching and Amazing Worship.


 Paul and Sherry. Leeds..

 Thanks for the Welcome.


 Joy J. Amershem. UK.

 Thank you.


 Lee S.Berkshire. 

 Blessings on your Church


 Andy and Norma H.Leeds.

 So glad to share the Lord with you all.


 Jan and Lorreta V.Frinton-on-sea.

 God Bless you.


 Jamie H.Bucks.

 Peace to all on earth, see you again.


 Margaret and Reg M.Kent.

 Glad to be with you again.


 Richard and Ken. Walsall.

 Blessed to be back. Thanks.


 Peter and Grant P. Mersyside.

 A wonderful time of teaching and blessing.


 Norman and Pauline M. N.I.

 Great work your doing.


 Clair McD. Scotland.

 Great Service and very fulfilling. 


 Brenda and Brian. UK.

 Very encouraging Service.


 Pat E, Lincolnshire. 

 Very moving Service.


 Ros S. Lincs.

 Very uplifting Service.


 Jane and Laine W. Staffs.

 Thank you for making us so welcome at your Church.


 Ken and Hazel H. Notts.

 Thank you for the blessings and clear Word.


 Kirsty D. Glasgow.

 Thank you. What a great Service.


 Ian and Christine M. Aberdeenshire.

 Very thought provoking. Thank you.


 Dennis and Cynthia W.N.I.

 Thank you wonderful Service and singing.


 Barbara and Keith L. Northants.

 Blessed Thank you. God bless you and yours.X


 Christine Birmingham.

 We have not learned such a lot in a Service for a long time! Very moving Service. The Lord is really blessing this Church. 


 John and Linda E. Hertfordshire.

 Thank you good to be back again.


 Brenda and Brian. UK.

 Greater understanding of Bible reading.


 Chris and Elaine G. Derbyshire.

 Thank you Pastor Victor for blessing us over the last 6 years. PTL.


 Maggie B. Glasgow.

 Always Love the fellowship. 


 Mary M.Burton on Trent.

 Very Good.


 Ewan and Helen F. Scotland.

 God Bless lovley to be part of a Christian Service on Holiday.


 David and Margo R.Dorset.

 Enjoyable singing.


 Peter and Ann H.Scotland.

 Thanks for being part of your Service.


 Simon and Sarah V. Cumbria.

 Great Encouragement. 


 Ken and Heather F. N.I.

 To God be the Glory. Thank you.


 Janet and Keith G.Birmingham.

 May the LOrd Bless you and keep you in Grace.


 Rob and Remi S.Mersyside.

 God Bless you Victor in the future. 


 Nick,Kate, and Seth W. Wales.

 God Bless you and the work.


 Maureen and Alan M. Dorset. 

 God blee you all in your work.


 Pauline and Trevor C. Cumbria.

 Blessed again lovely to be back. 


 Ebby and Hope J. W. Sussex.

 God bless you Keith in your new roll.


 Geoff and Irene N.N Yorkshire.

 Good to have fellowship again.


 Richard and Elizabeth T.

 Much blessed. 


 David and Joan J. W, Yorkshire.

 Good to find other Christians in such a lively place.


 Jean and Hans B. Kent.

 A timely Word brought by Ken.


 Margaret and Chris K. Essex.

 How blessed we are to receive Gods Word. Than you.


 Vicky J. W. Midlands.

 God has enlarged you tent!


 Cynthia H. Surrey. 

 Thank you its lovely to receive a blessing on holiday.


 Ruth G. Surrey.

 Thank you so good to meet up with Christians on Holiday. Blessed by this morning.


 Sheila and David. G. Cheshire.

 Thank you . God Bless.


 Penny W Leeds.

 Thanks again David.


 Hans and Jean B. Kent.

 The Lord speaks with one voice. Davids preach was everything the Lord has been speaking to me  recently.


 Lynn W.Cheshire.

 Amazing David! Spoke to me. Thank you.


 David and Pauline J. N.I.

 Great to have fellowship here.


 Chris N. Hampshire.

 Wonderful to be back in this vibrant fellowship.


 Geoff and Merle D. Hampshire.

 Great encouragement. 


 Richard and Sarah P. Devon.

 Great encouragement.


 Pat D. Scotland.

 Great to be back.


 Julian and Julia S. Devon.

 God spoke through David.


 Penny W. Leeds.

 So looking forward to hearing from David next week.


 Brenda and Brian. Shropshire.

 Our God is an awsome God. Thank you.


 Rosemary M. Scotland.

 Good to have been here again.


 Hans and Jean B.Kent.

 As always a pleasure and a joy to worship with you all.


 Heidi B.Germany

 Blessings to all.


 Margret A. Scotland.  

 Bless you all.


 John and Pat D. Scotland.

 Good to be back.


 David and Joanne J. Suffolk.   



 Johannah and Jackui. Malaysia. 

 Blessed be God forever. 


 Ron,Joanne. Roman,Zoe,Christian,Uhrig. Norfolk.

 Wonderful Warm welcome. Thank you.


 Nicky W, N.I.

 Lovely to met with Gods people.


 Colin and Cindy Hunwick.Sussex.

 Wonderful to see a thriving fellowship.God Bless.