We are a non-denominational Church standing on the Word of God, Spirit filled and pointing always to Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Statement of Faith:- 

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, making it completely trustworthy and the ultimate authority on what we should believe and how we should live. Living out biblical teaching is crucial to Christian faith; a faith that must show itself through love for each other, practical service and social concern.

We see God as He is shown in the Bible: Father, Son and Holy Spirit – a Trinity. God; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; graciously rules over everything.

Every person is born a sinner and, guilty of missing God's standard of perfect living, is subject to God's judgement. Sinful people can only be made right with God by the grace of God, through faith in Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection.

Jesus, the Son of God in human form, died in our place to completely pay the price, once and for all, to free us from the guilt and power of sin and from its eternal consequences. The Holy Spirit lives in Christians to reveal God to them, renew them and make them holy.

Christians are God's servants, committed to proclaim God's good news throughout the world and look for the time when the world will see Jesus Christ return as Lord, in power and glory.


 Victor Jean medPastor Victor (deceased) and Jean Hardwick

Pastor Victor Hardwick and his wife Jean have been blessed in
both training and full time ministry being under Bishop Rosello at Anglican Reformada in Spain, Colin Urquart at Kingdom Faith Bible College London, and The Way of The Spirit Bible Teaching College Norfolk.  

Pastor Victor was a Minister for  International Gospel Outreach who spread the good news of the Gospel world wide.

Recognized for his  anointing in Preaching the Gospel in the fullness of the Holy Spirit he has Preached in the UK and Internationally.

They both had a heart to serve the Lord God Almighty here in Playa Blanca. To edify the Body of Christ and reach out to the lost pointing to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 


Our Members

Our members are made up of permanent residents, those with holiday homes and holiday visitors, many of which return to us whenever they are here.

In our membership we are fortunate to have those who have blessed us with their help and anointings.

Pastor Victor (deceased) speaking at the International Gospel Outreach at Swanwick, England.

  Pastor Victor speaking at the International Gospel Outreach conference at Swanwick in England.  


                  Our Guest Speakers  -          


Pastor Jamie Tonge and his wife Christine                         Silvano and Anne Peretto.

Pastor Jamie Tonge and his wife Christine                                       Silvano and Anne Peretto visiting speakers

Pastor Jamie Tonge and his wife Christine from                                                Silvano and Anne Peretto from Italy and the 

 the "New Life Sandveien Neighbourhood Centre"                                              Italian Church "Chiesa Evangelica Di Vicenza"

in the Shetland Islands blessed us all by leading                                                bringing the message on Sunday 16th July 2015.

the Church Service on the 15th March.

 Pastor David Vignaux                            Marika Smith                                  Pastor Philip  Laver                                       

Pastor David


Pastor David and his wife Maureen      Marika preaches at several local      Pastor Philip was Pastor of South 

are founders of Freedom Faith                churches in Playa Blanca.            Street Church Eastbourne until

Ministries Int. (International)                                                                  2010. He and his wife are from 

Norwich. UK.                                                                                         Bexhill-on-sea.


     Joy and Howard Dolling                          Ken Bowler                           Christine & David Phillips

Joy  HowardKe BowlerChristine & David

Joy and Howard are longstanding       Ken is trained in Leadership Studies  Christine & David are longstanding

members of  St John the Evangelist    and Teaches Preaching & Seminars.  members of our church and preach

Church  Hildenborough, Kent. Joy       He is from Northallerton  N, Yorks.    at regular intervals when they are

has preached here on several                                                                   here.    

occasions, with Howard leading.