Latest News on Sunday 28th November 2021 


As a Church, we are supporting Playa Blanca Foodbank through Sue Jones in Granny's Attic (next to the Church).

She is our link person for those in need. If someone is in need or you know someone in need, please speak with Ralph first so that we can inform Sue Jones of their name. 


We also have been able to contribute to Granny's Attic regarding the recent volcano eruptions to help people in desperate need in the island of La Palma with practical supplies of bedding, clothing, and towels. 

From Monday 1st November at 11 a.m., there will also be the opportunity to support Granny's Attic in their new venture : 

a furniture warehouse, close to their clothing shop. 

Please can you confirm your place as soon as possible with our link person Anne Peretto on (+39) 320 030 3476 for seating arrangement purposes for the Sunday service at 11 a.m. 

Directions of how to get to our new venue at Virginia Park (behind the Virginia Oasis Hotel) can be found on the 'FIND US' link . 

We look forward to worshipping Jesus & meeting for fellowship with you then.

One Love in Jesus, 

Pastors David & Rachel Kuru

Sunday 28th November Pastor Rachel Kuru Preaching

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Weekly Meeting :-

Thursday Bible Study & Prayer Meeting at the Church. 

On Thursday 2nd December at 11 a.m. this will be led by 

Pastor David Kuru.  

Newsletter 2020 : From the Pastors

Dear Friends

We hope your Christmas was peaceful and joyous.
Today, with just a few days remaining in 2020, we reflect on the past year.
What an unprecedented year it has been, challenging and our lives have been shaken as never before

For Rachel and I, who would have thought it would turn out this way !
We came to the Christian Worship Centre in March of this year as the next Pastors of this Church. Little did we know that we would commence our ministry in ‘lockdown’ !

You may call it ‘a baptism of fire’ or ‘being thrown in at the deep end’. Yet we persevered and Rachel and I can say with great conviction “to God be the glory , great things He has done”. God taught us total dependence on Him.

All our lives here in Lanzarote or further afield have been impacted by the challenges posed by the coronavirus.Indeed it has taken us into unknown, uncharted territory.
Undoubtedly we all have had to adjust, adapt and ‘forced to change’ the way we live.
Admittedly sometimes it felt as if our freedom was taken away because of the rules in place to keep us well and safe.

The way we have had to ‘do’ church as a consequence has not prevented us from ‘being’ the church we are called to be. Whether we met in homes, or the church building itself, we were and continue to be His church ‘in whom He delights.’
So things would have changed around us but as far as God's Kingdom is concerned nothing has changed. His Kingdom is advancing and God's people are integral to His Kingdom purposes.

We thank God that He has sustained us by His mercy and grace. God has started to reset His Church. We have come to a new place of understanding of who we are and what we are in Him and how we are to be His representatives in our world.
Our perspective - how we see things, how we speak about things, might be challenged in order that we come in alignment with God's perspective.

As He resets His Church, we are looking to the future for what God is going to do. As a people of hope we are moving forward with great expectation of all the good, ‘God-things’ that are yet to come.

When all this situation with the Covid-19 is all over, what is going to happen next? As we continue to live from His perspective, we will see all this replaced with a mighty move of the Spirit, we believe too.
This will be for the good of His people and restoration for all - healing not sickness, salvation not condemnation. This will be for God's glorious name to honoured.

So as we move into 2021, let us adopt Paul's attitude as he wrote to the Philippians : ‘Let us look forward, not backwards, to what is ahead of us. Let us press on to take hold of everything for which Jesus planned to give us when He laid hold of our lives.’
His precious gift of the Holy Spirit will enable and empower us to live for Him.

Finally, Rachel and I would like to thank the Church here and the leadership team for their support and great encouragement during 2020.

Best Wishes to all for a Christ-centred, abundant life New Year 2021 !

‘May the Lord bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you, so that you will radiate His love, life, and power throughout 2021.’

One Love in Jesus, Pastors Rachel and David

These regulations are due to COVID 19/20 and our congregation must comply with the following measures as outlined below :- 

  1. Mandatory wearing of mask by all members of the congregation at all times during the service (including the preacher & service leader). 
  2. Use of hydro alcoholic gel to be applied to the hands, provided in the foyer of the Church. 
  3. Disinfection of the Church hall after each meeting.
  4. Distance of 1.5 metres between each family group and/or single person. 
  5. Avoid crowds of people. Keep the safety distance of 1.5 metres when entering and leaving the building. Queueing and physically greeting are to be avoided at the moment. 
  6. It is recommended when leaving the premises to go to your car and not stay in the surrounding area. This is to maintain a good testimony in the community, to honour God and the country’s authorities. 
  7. We will have two meetings : One on Thursday at 11.00 a.m. and one on Sunday at 11.00 a.m. 
  8. There are two toilets available for use. Please disinfect after use. 
  9. If you are a vulnerable person, with asthma or serious health problems, you are STRONGLY advised to stay at home. 
  10. Our named contact person is Anne Peretto (+39) 320 030 3476  please contact her to confirm your place for Church attendance for the Thursday and/or Sunday meetings. This is because of the limited capacity of people allowed to meet in the Church. Please see the Spanish Church’s notice regarding the maximum capacity of people we can have in the Church. 

One Love in Jesus, 

Pastors David & Rachel Kuru

If you need directions to our church venue, please click 'Welcome' above.

There is a church leadership team in place. We have ten members including myself. 

We are praying and planning the future of our church.

Currently we have a husband and wife team, Pastors David & Rachel Kuru from Cornwall, UK.

They both have a nursing background. 

They felt the call from God to leave their paid employment and train together at Bible College for ministry. 

For the last two years they have ministered alongside a Pastor in an evangelical church in Cornwall, gaining experience of preaching, teaching, counselling and pastoral ministry.
They commenced their ministry here on 15th March 2020.

Pastors Rachel & David Kuru

We thank the Lord for this answer to prayer. 

Every blessing

Ralph Chase


Pp Playa Blanca CWC Leadership team.