News -Latest  10th November 2019

If you need directions to our new church venue, please click Welcome above.

There is now a church leadership team in place. We have eleven members including myself. We are praying and planning the future of our church.

A series of Bible Studies / Prayer meetings on James will begin on 10th October and every Thursday at the church, 11.00am., led by Christine Phillips.

We have a list of available preachers, but if you know of any others, with their permission, and if they are able to agree with our Statement of Faith, please contact us with their details and availability.

In January this year Pastor Victor went to glory, so,  if you know of anyone with a calling to pastor in Playa Blanca, able to agree with our Statement  of Faith as written on the church website, please let us know. 

The position would suit a retired person with a pension as there is only a small salary.

Every blessing

Ralph Chase


Pp Playa Blanca CWC Leadership team.