Visitors 2013





Chris Esplin   Sussex / Scotland 

May the Lord Bless your work here. Thank you for a warm welcome and a strong message. Praise God ! 


Steve & Annette P.  Bury St Edmonds.   

On vacation - with thanks. 


Peter & Jackie B.  Dundonald N.Ireland. 

Thank you for worship this morning. 


Violet T.   Ireland. 

Lovely to meet for fellowship at Christmas. 


Erica, Phil & Ethan  Scotland.

Bless you all. Joy to the world. 


Jane & Pat P.  Forest of Dean  England. 

Lovely to meet with fellow believers whilst on holiday. 


Brenda & Brian S.  England 

Back to our Lanza Church. 


Rachel & Steve E.   Looe. Cornwall

Good to meet with Gods' family here in Lanzarote - what a blessing!  God bless you Jean & Victor. x.


Jan & Bertram L.  Glasgow.  

Received good welcome. 


Joann & David W.   Wakefield W. Yorks.

Lovely service. 


Laccita.  Buckinghamshire. 

Lovely service. Thank you x.  


Pauline & Ron  R.  Gt. Missenden Bucks.

Every blessing to you all for Christmas & always. 


Sheila F.  Beckenham Kent. 

Greetings and Blessings from Bromley Baptist Church.


Rick & Mary H. Beverley East Yorkshire. 

Fantastic Church Fellowship, will be back. May the Lord keep on blessing you. 


Jen H.  Northallerton  N. Yorkshire.

Be blessed to be a blessing X. 


Kate F. Northallerton  N. Yorkshire. 

A blessed end to our holiday. 


G. M.  Moray. 

A welcome address. 


Margaret & Chris  K.  Essex.  

Thank you for bringing the Word of God to this place.


Geoff & Min G.  Buckinghamshire 

Back for a second week. Good to see old friends. 


David & Patsy K.  Camberley Surrey. 

What a joy to share with brothers and sisters in the Lord.   


Malcolm & Sandra P.  Jersey C.I. 

A blessing to us on our holiday. May God bless you and increase your work for Him ! 


David & Helen B.  Solihull W.Mid's. 

Bless you. 


Peter & Trish F.  High Wycombe. 

Thank you for your welcome and fellowship. 


Gordon Rita F. Newbury Berks. 

Lovely service. 


Chris R.  Hastings. 

Lovely service and very pertinent word for the moment. 


Michael D.   Glasgow. 

May God bless your continued work. 


Geoff & Min  G.  Bucks. 

Lovely to be back ! 


Pauline & Ron R.  Gt. Missenden Bucks. 

Lovely service.   May you be blessed as well.  Thank you for the Lords Blessings here XX. 


Kathryn & Mervyn H.  Cardiff. 

Thank you for sharing Gods word with us today, God Bless you all here at the Church XX. 


Lynette & Eric B.  Newcastle-U-L.

May God continue to bless your work here. 


C.  B.   Dunblane. 

Lovely singing, enjoyed fellowship. 


David Kath F.  Urmston Manchester. 

A joy to worship with you, see you again soon, we hope ! 


Bill  G.  Surrey. 

Always a real pleasure and joy to join you for worship. Praise God for your mission. 


Ralph & Clare C.  Looe Cornwall. 

Keep up the good work. 


Liz C.  Edinburgh. 

Thank you. 


Chris O. High Wycombe. 

Enjoyed a morning with God's family. 


Mary H.    Beverley. 

Thank you. Could really feel God's presence. 


Bodil & Magnus B.  Sweden. 

Thank you very much. 


Pat & Peter J.  Sheffield. 

Very moving service. 


Andy & Mary W.  Nottingham. 

A really special part of our holiday. Thank you so much. 


Derek & Sylvia M.  Belfast. 

Lovely service. 


Dave & Pat S.  Wolverhampton.

A joy to share the Remembrance service with you - many thanks. 


Ebby & Hope J.  West Sussex. 

Happy to share fellowship with you all once again.  God bless you. 


Mc Sweeny family C.Cork  Ireland. 

Enjoyed the service very much.


Daniel Mc S.  C. Cork  Ireland. 

Lovely service, enjoyed the songs. 


Steve & Liz B.  Ashton-U-L, Lancs 

Thank you. We are truly brothers and sisters. 


Alan & Anne B.  Scotland.  

Thank you. 


Laureen S.   Shetland Isles.

God Bless. 


Peter & Christine.  Shetland Isles. 

Thank you. 


Vivien & James.  UK 

What good and Blessing ministry. 


Sue & C.  Trentham, Stoke on Trent. 

So blessed to hear that word. 


Peter & Christine. Shetland Islands.   

Praise God for His goodness. 


Sheila & Roly L.  Rushden  NN10 

To God be the glory. 


Vivien & James L. Oadby, Leicester. 

What a Blessing. 


Tom & Sally A.  Uxbridge, Middx. 

Praise your great work ! 


Derek & Monique S. Heathfield, UK. 

Thank you all so much. 


Joan & Lyle W.  N.Ireland. 

Thank you for your lovely fellowship. God Bless. 


Lorraine D.  Liverpool. 

Home from home - very nice service. Thank you.


Roger and L. I.  Broadstone, Dorset. 

Thank you !


Doreen A.   N.Ireland. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share Worship. 


Pat & John P.  W.Sussex. 

Thank you, lovely service. 


Philip& Janet S.  Leeds. 

Thank you for your warm fellowship and challenging message. Greetings from     St Georges Leeds.


Liz & Theo P.  Scotland. 

Truly blessed. 


Peoples Church Falkirk 

Thank you. 


Michael & Sue P.  France. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share fellowship. 


W. W.  N. Ross-shire Scotland. 

The light shone. 


Tom C. Moray, Scotland. 

Great fellowship. 


Pete & Chris C.  BH19.

Really Blessed  Excellent Message


David & Chris L.  Middlesbrough. 

Came across your service by chance, really blessed by the worship and word. 


Arnold & Jean B.  Crewe. 

Thanks for the opportunity to worship. 


Ian & Wendy R.  Little Sutton.

Came in 2011, so glad you are still meeting. It's good to Worship with you all. 


Liz  C.  Edinburgh. 

Thank you again ! 


Brian & Elaine P.  Aintree, Liverpool. 

Blessed to be here ! 


Ruth K.  Nottingham. 

Thank you for your fellowship. 


Henry & Kathryn S.  Glasgow. 

Back again amongst friends.  A1 worship. 


Ken & Paula K-M  Croydon.

It was refreshing to come across this Church meeting in the hotel. It has made our holiday. 


Janet H.  Bolton Lancs. 

As a Roman Catholic I found it very different, but thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the singing. 


Mr & Mrs Kelly  Donegal Ireland. 

Lovely sermon, will remember it thanks, enjoyed. 


Trish Swindells    Leicester. 

Thank you for your words and beautiful music. 


Rob, Sally, Isaac, Josh and Lauren Bannister  Cuckfield W. Sussex  

Great to meet you all. Pray God blesses you. 


The Morrison family  Netherlands. 

Edified and blessed. Lovely service. God bless you. 


Mr & Mrs McKay   N.Ireland. 

So blessed by being here today amongst God's children. 


Linda & Jim  N.Ireland. 

Every blessing to you. 


Townsend family 

The Lord is good. 


Bob & Gill N. Cheltenham. 

This where The Son shines.  


Stanley & Ruth W. Ballyclare  N.I.  

Thank you for a friendly welcome. 


Cathy O'M.  Northwood. 

Thank you for bringing God to my Sunday morning. 


Simon, Anne, Agnes & James W. Sevenoaks Kent. 

Thank you for a warm and welcoming time. 


Robert & Judith B.   Purley. 

It is good to meet with God's people. 


Lindsay B.  Eglinton,  N.Irelsnd. 

Thank you for your encouraging worship and message. 


Nigel & Liz J.  Newcastle -U- Tyne. 

Our third visit over the years !  Thank you for your labour of Love. 


David & Belle A.   Ayreshire 

2nd visit, not the last ! Good to meet and have fellowship. Grateful thanks. Blessings. 


Charlie & Linda M.  Ireland. 

Have been blessed by being here. God Bless. 


Michael & K. T.  Switzerland.   

Thank you ! . 


Hannah & Gilmore T.  N. Ireland. 

Thank you.