Here are comments from our Visitors :-





Laura & Brian. Bristol.

Praise to Jesus.

Jan H. & Paul L. Liverpool.

Great service. Great place.

Christine & Reg. Liverpool.

Lovely service.

Maggie Y. Southport.


Rich, Sue, Garett & Donna Jersey.

Wonderful spirit filled worship and word. Thank you all.

Kevin & Margaret. Glasgow

Fantastic service.

Carole L. Lytham.

A lovely service. Thank you.

Janet W. Lanzarote.

Wonderful. Thanks.

Barbara, Amanda & Emily Lichfield.

So happy.

Peter, Tikke, Maureen, Sretec & Luke

S. Brussels.


Shelagh & Charlie A. Tipton

What a saviour!


A lovely Service thank you.

McKenna/ Saners Family Cornwall

A beacon in Lanz! Thanks so much. Merry Christmas.


Agnes S. Dumfries.

Thank you for a lovely service today.

Rob & Ann W. Glenrothes.

It's great to be reminded about God's Love again and again and again!

Mary S. Dublin.

Very lovely service.

Bob & Christine T. Norwich.

So blessed to here with you today.

Val C. Guernsby.

Thank you.

Marjaana,Rasmus,Unto & Hugo M. Sweeden.

Thank you. God bless you all!

Anne G. Kilreny.


Rena T. Dublin.

The Lord is my shepherd.

Rob & Ann W. Fife.

Thank God for his love for us.

Mary McK. Ireland.

Catherine G. Dublin.

Ian & Aimee. Cumbria.

A service full of love. Thank you.


Brenda B.

Back to, our family church is in the sun.

Ann & Dereck B. Belfast


John & Iris F. Belfast.

Wonderful to have joined in worship with you. God bless.

Violet T. Co Wicklov

Lovely to have lively fellowship with you all.

Ron & Pauline R. Buchs.

May the Lord bless you in your ministry. God is good.

Ian & Aimee Cumbria.

Good to join in your fellowship. Thanks once again.

Gill & Ray Mc. Wirral.

Thank you for the message. Wonderful fellowship.


Christine N. Breca.


Salomon P. Sweden.

Praise the Lord.

Steve J. Doncaster.

Beautiful service & thanks from Doncaster Priory Church.

Niklas B. Sweden.

Very good.

Michael C. Carrickfergus.

A great experience.

Wendy & Graham W. Suffolk.

Lovely to have fellowship with you.

Val W. York.

Very uplifting.


Hilda & Denis Co. Down.

Great service. God Bless. Look forward to coming back.

Margasch & Josie R. Cleveland.

Lovely service. Thank you very much. Looking forward to coming again.

Margaret & Chris K. Essex.

Wonderful to see you again and good to meet with fellow believers when on holiday.

Ian & Aimee R. Cumbria.

Always food for thought.

Revd.Alan & Val A. Great Urswick.

Great feeling of family and friendship "Reach Out" Making us think deeply and remember our purpose.

Havel & Ann J. Scotland.

Encouraged to find fellowship here to worship the Lord with fellow believers to share the word.

Vic & Beryl B. Harlow.

I was glad when they said to me let us go to the house of the Lord & here we are. Praise His Holy Name.

Colin & Linda C. Chesterfield.

Warm fellowship.

Graham & Carol S. Rutland.

Thank you for the very uplifting serrmons and fellowship.

David & Patsy K. Camberly.

Lovely to be back with you all & such a surprise to find you at S.P. Thanks for your fellowship and the sharing of the Joy of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Eoald & Kari Norway.

Thank you.

Paul & Janet P. Cheam.

Lovely service.

Merry H. Co. Dublin.

Very moving.

Jean & John M. Derbyshire.

Warm welcome. Thanks.

Pat & John Swindon.

Thank you for warm welcome & help down the steps.

Ian & Aimee R. Cumbria.

Lovely to be here. Thank you.

Iris & Eddie

Glad to back here home again. Thank you Lord.

Barbara & Malcolm R. Bolton.

Great worship. Great word. Mightily blessed.

Bill & Gaye W. Scotland.

Thanks for worship.

Christine T. Shetland.

Thank you for your friendship & fellowship.


Jan & Jim K. Liverpool.

Wonderful to be able to meet and be uplifted.

Mayvor & Bengt L. Finland.

Thank you and God bless.

Rena D. Dundee.

Very welcoming and uplifting.

Roger & Helen G. Harrogate.

The same Lord all over the world. Halleluya.

Frank B. Ireland.

Lovely service.

Mandy S. Dublin.

Very moving.

Evelyn B. Dundee.

Loved service. Thank you.

Evelyn Mc. Larne. N.I.

Thank you.

Christine T. Shettland.

Good to be here.

Ian & Aimee Cumbria.

Very spiritual. Many thanks.

Michael, Lou & samuel. F. London.

Thank you for a warm welcome.


Corinne D. Boxhill on Sea.

Pray for our friend Sharon Daniels. She is a wonderful friend and is very ill with cancer.

Chris & Theresa G. Yorkshire.

Lovely heartfelt words.

Ebby & Hope J. Sussex.

Great to be with you again.

Jeannie S. Littlehampton.

Lovely service.

Kay & Peter T. Derbyshire.

Walk this way.

Eric B. Newcastle.

Keep up your great ministry on this island. God bless.

Susan & Bryn W. Westcroft.

Wonderful remembrance

Peter & Barbara B. Maidstone.

A moving service and warm welcome.

Steve & Rita R. Devon.

A gret service. Thanks.

David F. Holywood.

Great singing.

Kathryn & Henry S. Glasgow.

Very moving service.

Christine & Gervin S. Swinton.

Thank you.

Christine T. Shetland.

Great to be here.

Ian & Aimee R. Cumbria.

Lovely service. Thank you.

Sam & Marie. Faro Park.

Very good.


Agnes,Nicole M. Ireland

We are truly blessed. Thank you.

Val & Nick G. Derbyshire.

Blessed by the worship.

Majorie M. Gairloch.

Many thanks.

Ian & Margaret Mc. Belfast.

Excellent service.

Jean & Hans D. Tunbridge Wells

We thank God for all here.

Kathryn & Mervyn H. Cardiff

Greatly blessed.

Henry & Kathryn S. Glasgow.

As Aye!

Jill & Pete A. Yew Tree Lodge.

Still full of God's love.


James & Shirley Mc. Lincwady

Thank you for everything. Enjoyed.

Kenny & Beth B. Lankhill

Wonderful God. Filled and blessed service. Thank you.

Hazel D. Surrey

Enjoyed the past 4 Sundays.

Fam. Blonemensleyn Zeeland.

God bless you. The Lord lifts us up whenever we are down.


Dorcas. Liverpool

Thanks so much for keeping on the fellowship. Nice to have somewhere to worship on hols.

Don & Linda. Sussex

Enjoyed very much.

Claudius A. Liverpool

Here on holiday.

Raymond & Margaret L. Kent

Excellent / Informative Service.


Past & Svan W. Royton

Real word to trust God in every situation.

David & Christine R. Dumbart

Rock community church. Thank you for sharing the uplifting word of God.

Billy & Fiona Mc Dumbarton.

There is a way out of the cold.

T.Robinson N.Ireland.

Your message was an encouragement when one is going through a rough passage.

Josie & Ziggy T. Staffordshire.

We sometimes get ourselves into a dead end BUT GOD GETS US OUT.

Michelle B. Tadworth.

Welcoming, eye opening, heart felt service.

Yvonne G. Sun Park

A very uplifting service. Many thanks to all concerned.

Ray & Ethel H. Lancs.

An amazing service.Praise God & may He bless you in all you do for him here in Lanzarote.

Sue & Martin C. Hastings.

We found the new venue excellent. Great word as usual & uplifting worship.

Vince & Pam H. Liverpool.

God bless you in your ministry.Thank you.

Martin & Sue C. Hastings

Great to be back again. There is a great Holy Spirit annointing in this church. Praise God.

Kevin & Margret. Glasgow.

Great service. Will be back. Many thanks.

Joy S. Oklahoma.

The service really blessed me. Thank you.


Barbara A. Moseley

Jacqueline I.

Wonderful service.

Pete & Blue C.Swonage

Blessed again.

Riikka, Tolias & Evelyn F. Switzerland

The Lord bless you! And He is a light of your way.

Tom C. Burghead

A real word from the Lord.

Carol M. Ashill

Robert J. Wales.

Wow. Services with meaning!!


Anne I.

God is good. God bless.

Chris S. Halagrove.

Thank you so much for this amazing church here. So glad to meet you. I have been truly blessed. God bless you all. Cor. Ch2 V 6&7. Lamps.

Ken C. Walsall.

David M. Manchester

What a good service. The sermon a tour de force.

Andy M. St. Albans

A light has gone on this week. God is calling.

David & Maggie B. Wiltshire

Such a moving service. Brought new light to a very familiar parable.

Elin & Lynda C. Maidstone

Enjoyed the service. Back for more. God bless you.

Marilyn & John S. Newport

Thank you for sharing your testimony. Great to be with you again.


Janet M. Enfield

Thank you for your fellowship.

Tim, Margord & June Oldbury.

So glad to have shared with you. God bless your work in 6 our small corner.

Penny S. Norfolk.

Greetings from one type of holiday church to another.

John & Ruth C. N. Irland

Thank you for your welcome.

David M. Manchester

Well done for filling a huge need.

Chris & Elkesley W. W Sussex.

Thank you for your ministry.

Betty & David W. Bury St Edmonds

Thank you. God bless your work. Hearing again how much God loves each of us. Thank you.


Liz C. Edenburgh

Thank you again.

A. L. Sun Park

Peace and Serenity.

Rod & Jackie B. Salisbury

Both blessed by the worship & sermon. Thank you.

Ian & Mary R. Scotland

Thanks for the lovely welcome. Trust the Lord continues to bless your witness on the Lord.

Robert S. Surrey

Wonderful Service whilst visiting Playa Blanca on holiday. Will be back again.


Tony & Freda W. Scotland

Thank you for your ministry. It was a privilege to be at your first Service at Sun Park.


Sarah-Jane & Henry

Bishops Stolford

Welcoming, Wonderful. Thank you.

Colin & Vanessa B.Chelmsford

Thank you for a lovely time of fellowship. Exacting times ahead.

Jim,June,Margaret Oldbury

Here we are again,happy as can be,all good friends and jolly good company.


Kim & Elaine S. Stortford.

Be encouraged. Keep building the wall. We are with you.


Michael & Melanie B. Belfast

Thank you so much! Thank you for today and everyone we met.

Sue H.Bristol

Just the uplift and Prayers needed having been recently widowed. Praise the Lord.


Phil & Jane B. Cheshire

An inspiring service, lovely to worship whilst on holiday.

Joyce S. Northwich.

Thank you for the welcome.

Franco C. Italy

Thank you for today and for everyone we have met.


Rachel B. Belfast

Thank you.

Demi W. Belfast

Thank you.

Anna L. Belfast

Thank you.

Wini McD. Belfast

Thanks a lot.

Norah A. Dundrod.

Thank you.

Nicole B. Dundrod.

Good to be back.



Paul, Susan, Megan, Abbie A, Swansea

Andrew L, Glasgow

Roz H. Kirkltson

Great to spend time with such a lovely, friendly church. Pray we will all build the kingdom in our parts of the world.

Keep building

Lovely service. Enjoyed as always.


Desmeo Luis Norway

Joy Joy Joy


Beryl & Kay S. UK

Most enjoyable.

Dan Mc. Luton

Thank you.

Mr & Mrs T. N.Ireland.

God bless.

Cilla T. Belfast.

God bless you all.

Beasme & Lou. Belgium.

God is great.


Simon & Sonia B. Herts.

Great songs!

Henry & Kathryn S. Glasgow.

As wonderful as ever xx.

Suzanne C. Dublin.

Thank you for the welcome & the words of wisdom.

Geoffrey & Hilary M.

N. Ireland

Enjoyed the service.

Ivy D. Tunbridge Wells

It really was good to be able to worship here.

Sandra & Thomas. Belfast

Great to come together to worship our Lord. Amen.


Blaind & Doviorfy E. Coalview

May the Lord bless your witness.

Judith & Mitchell Mc. Lisburn.

Robert & I had a double blessing. 2 in a row the teaching.

Kathryn & Jean H. Cardiff

Great to worship with you all again. will pray for Edna & Patrick.


Mary G. Staffs.

Very warm welcome and so blessed.


David & Anne M. Warrington.

Good service on the Lord's restoration. Warm welcome from all. May you continue serving him.

Anne W. Wirral

Different to what I know, but most affirmative.

Margaret & Ken H. West Mids.

Really good to have fellowship.

Jerry & Thirese W. Dublin.

Lovely service. God's presence was here.

Rick & Mary H. Bevely.

Thanks again for your fellowship here. see you again in November.


Phil & Unelca.Cottenham

It's been a real blessing joining you here.

Dave & Victoria Hants.

Inspiring message-solid food-thank you Victor.

Patricia & Boudaoyn. W


A good message/service. Nice songs.

Rick & Mary H. Beverley

Blessed again by this fellowship. Thanks again Pastor Victor & Jean.


Stuart & Hilary R. Halesowen.

It is good to be back after a 4 year gap. We pray God blesses the Church & provides great wisdom & grace.

Graham & Elizabeth P. Gosport.

Tremendous warmth, love and sincerity.

Ann D.

He is here risen from the dead.

Richard & Brenda E. St.Albans.

Many thanks for wonderful testimonies.

Roger & Alison J. Sheffield.

A privilege to share in a Thanks Giving Service for Zoe.


Alison & Roger T.Sheffield

Thank you. Wonderful to be here again and feel so blessed to have shared in worship and hear God's word.

Michele B. Tadworth

Lovely service.

Colin & Jenny M. Kent.

Thank you for being here for visitors. Praise God.

Dave & Carol S.

George & Reiva B. Edinburgh

Always a blessing to be in this fellowship with believers.


John & Helen W. Workington.

What a blessing. God is with you here. Will come again when here again.

Fiona L. Surrey

Thanks for allowing us to fellowship with you. Very friendly,encouraging and challenging sermon.

Dave & Joan J. Cirencester

Excellent service.

Colin & Deb D. Gwent.

The joy of the Lord here this morning. May you continue to know his presence, love & joy.

Roger & Alison T.

Sandy Gate.

Thank you for the opportunity to worship the Lord and receive close fellowship. It's good to be back!


Frank & Liz S.W.Sussex

Beautiful service. Uplifting.

Dave & Jan I.Welkom

Love of good ever present.

Leah D. Northfield

Enjoyed the service.

Sylvia M. Essex.

It was a joy to be in everybody's presence. God bless you!

Beauty C. Wigan.

Thank you for a lovely service. Really uplifting.

Gareth & Rebecca Mc. Belfast

Thank you for a great service. Praying for you in your loss.

Graham & Kris S. Lincs

Thank you for everything during our stay here. Keep up the good work. Bless you both.

Bridget M. Derby

I have been blessed.

Liz G. Edinburgh

Thank you again.

Chipunda L. Derby

Thank you for the fellowship.

Lyzi S. Manchester

Thank you.

Chanda L. Derby.

Blessed by restoration message. Follow Me.

Daisy M. Derby.

Thank you. So blessed.


Howard T. Tyne & Wear

Good. Enjoyed sermon.

Roger O.Haywords Heath

May God bless the work of your hands.

Paul T.Wales

Thanks for joining together Psalm 30 with John 21.

Brian & Ruth V.


How great is our Lord!

Byon & Judith S.Barrow

Lovely to fellowship with you.


Sylvia & david B. Ringwood

Thank you for the uplifting service.

Nerea I. Chapeltown

Thank you for keep feeding my soul. A blessing.

Graham & Marie S. Rochdale

Thank you. God be praised.


Frances & Peter J.Kingswinford.

Lovely service. Happy Easter.

Brian & Trish C. Bignel East

Thank you.

Phil & Jasmine A. Belfast

Very encouraging. God Bless.

Frank & Yvette D. Dumfries.

Thank you for providing fellowship.

Kathy & Keith M. Nashret.

Great to be with you on Easter Sunday.

Chris,Tricia,Hannah & Jonathan O


Happy Easter. God Bless.

Gareth, Rachel,Loite & Toby M. Chester

Happy Easter.

Gemma R. London

Blessed Easter.

David, Sally, Dean, Johannah, Moses, Christian, Zoe-Joy & Ruth


God's Kingdom will come in every nation and every island of the earth. God's strenght to you all.

Neil & Michelle M. Surrey.

Love in Jesus. Thank you for the welcome.

Janet A. Morecombe.

Thank you for sharing the word of the Lord and your fellowship.

Elaine D. Gloucester.

Thank you every blessing will be back oct 2015.

Lisa S. Manchester.

Lovely service. Understood and enjoyed!!

Lynne & Ashish Birmingham.

Thank you for sharing in the body of our Lord.

Adam T. Nottingham.

Thank you for Easter Sunday Servive.

Margaret T. Nottingham.

Lovely service as usual. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Arnold & Mara Z. Netherlands.

It was good. Jesus lives!! Gives me 2nd new life after cancer. Thank you. my Jesus. See you all in heaven. He's coming soon!


Andy & Ann McD Baneckburn.

Spirit Filled

Mr. & Mrs E. Ounide

Lovely Service

Jean & David H. Ballymena

Lovely Service.

Raymond & Margaret W. Randalstown.

So pleased to share fellowship.

Pam & Lester H. Plympton.

The word of the Lord brought to life.

David & Victoria H. Odiham.

Full of God, full of life, full of grace. Thank you God.

Graham & Kris S. Bourne

Nice to be back here in Playa Blanca.


Mary S. Datsmouth

Good to be among you all.

Gerald & Janet H. Leics

Praise the Lord for your ministries.

Pastor Spencer & Dr. Wendy C. London

Every blessing. Keep preaching the word.

Paul & Janet P. Cheam

God bless you all.

Pauline & Stephen C. Bedford

Thank you. Our web site

Anfrew & Geraldine F. Fife

Good to join you in worship.

Salvatore & Paolina S.

Many thanks for letting us listen to the Word of God.

Lorraine B.

Wish I had heard of your church earlier. I feel good. I came for the service.


Len & Sue P.Essex

Uplifting message and enjoyed the service while being away on holiday.

Andy & Susan T.Cheshire

Thanks for lovely fellowship and a word from God.

Peter & Jackie A. York

4th Visit - great stuff.

Judith B. Stockport


Neil,Mandy & Laura S. Kent

Thank you for your encouragement.

Henry & Kathryn S. Glasgow

Wonderful and moving as usual.

John C. Flint

Thanks. Great word.

Dorothy M. Southport

Thank you.

Rosie & John M. Dunfermine

Thank you for allowing us to worship with you.

Hazel H. Helsten

Thank you for making me so welcome. I really enjoyed worshiping with you.

Paul & Janet P. Cheam

Thank you for opportunity to tell of my mother.

Rodney & Olive C. Bantry

Thank you for an outstanding service and sermon and opportunity to bless mothers.

John & Gretta T. Bantry

Really enjoyed service today. Lovely word for Mothering Sunday.

Ebly & Hope J Rustington.

Great to be with you again and to give thanks for our mothers.


Susan & Malcolm P.Herts

Many blessings. Great to share worship with you today.

Peter C. Gosport

An endeavour to find peace at my brother's passing.

Brian M. Chesterfield

A Christ honouring service.

Clarice & Angella D. London

Enjoyed The Service.

Diana & Bryan M. Nottingham.

Another blessed time in worship & fellowship. Thank you to all who contributed for the sermon.

Len & Beryl J. Co. Antrim

Great to share in worship when on holiday.

Ann & George S. Bristol

Thank you.

Malcolm & Elizabeth B. Puriton.

Wonderful to share fellowship once again.

Margaret P. Otley

Thank you Lord for the depth of your Spirit moving in this place.

David & Maureen W.

Lovely island of peace and challenge.

Gill & Paul R. Sandhurst

Thank you whoever put the little posters along the sea wall else I'd not have found you.

Geoff Beral C. Peterborough.

Great to be with you again

Paul & Janet P.Cheam

Lovely to be back.

Brenda & Brian S. Shropshire

Thanks for teachings and fellowship.

Keith & Heather D.Newark

Thanks for the fellowship

Nick & Sue N. Halifax

Thank you for the lovely service

Martin & Sue C. Hastings

Really enjoyed fellowship and the word has encouraged me to spend more time

at Jesus's feet.


John & Greta T.Bantry

Really enjoyed service, a very good word and a lovely worship.

Derek & Cylvia M. Belfast

Lyn & Derek H. Cornwall

Very uplifting service. Loved every minute. Thank you.

Pastor Jamie & Christine


"As for me and my house Weshall serve the Lord"

Rodney & Olive Cry. Bunt

We look forward to the service. Thanks for a great service.

Claire & Patrick C. Notts.

Good to be here after 4 years.

Bucan & Nowa E. N.Ireland

Great to meet with Jesus.

John & Nancy H.Bolton

Good to find a place of God's refreshment and love.

Diana & Bryan M. Nottingham

Our second visit.We have been blessed abundantly and enjoyed the worship fellowship Thank you to all.

Judy & Ron G. &

Lindy P. Banstead

Thank you so much for your oasis of calm & prayer.


John & Lois A. Willerby

Interesting Service

PasterJamie & ChristineT.

Shetland Islands

Carola & Robin L.Nailsea

Nice to be back again.

N & J L. Scotland

Kaith & Ove S. Sweden

Jan & Dave H. Swindon

We will pray for your work here in Lanzarote. Thank you.

Drew & Fiona T. Aberdeen

Enjoyed the fellowship.

Roger & Rae G. N.Irland

Good to join you once again. x

Ian & Aimee R. Cumbria

Thank you for 4 months of wonderful fellowship. We will be back God Bless.


Barry & Janet R.

Good to be back here last week and this Blessings

Ted & Gillian C.

Back for our sixth year visit.

Pete & Jennifer Mc.

Keep on saving.

Mike & Jenny R.

Great Service.

Ann &Alan S.

Great Fellowship.

Emilie & Dana B.

Strong anointed word. Backed up by The Word.

Ben Jonas Mikkel Kenneth Mathias

God Bless the church. Keep up the good work and thanks for wonderful service.

Dolly May

God's Blessings to you.

Jose & Margaret D.


Anna S. Bath

Very Powerful church. I am truly glad I came.

Chris & Maureen Hampshire.

And I recommend the bible studies too!

Dave & Janet L. Hants.

Inspirational Teaching from the living word. A light to our future path!

Ann M. Helen's Bay

Dave & Dorothy P. Lincs

Margaret D. Nottingham

Sisters and brothers in Christ.

Sue H. Nottingham

Very good I feel renewed.

Claudia M. Bath.

Really touched me. Thank you all xx.

Derek Groby.


Phil & Barbara Essex.

The Holy Spirit was moving wonderfully today.

Angela Leicester

Thank you for your encouragement.


Ingrid & Andrew F. Sussex

Back again. Lovely to be back again.

Fred & Sup W. Devon

As good as last time. x

Denzil & Shirley A. Wales

An oasis in our holiday.

Tom & Elizabeth G. Falkirk

Strenght from the risen church. "Out of the tomb"

Daniel & Ruth H. Weston S. Mere

Dwell in unity.

Cynthia W. Banbury

Very inspiring service.

Hilda & Denis B. N.Irland

Enjoyed worship with you again.

Ruth C. Lytham St. Annes

Interesting service

Maureen Mc.

Very interesting.


John & Elizabeth F. Misterton

I took a lot from the service. Thank you.

Paul & Sue M. Lichfield.

Great once again.

Julie G. Kenilworth.

At 10.55 noticed your notice under a stone on seafront wall just 5 mins away. Great way of advertising. Great Message.

Hansen. York.

Here again.

Margaret & Chris K. Billericay.

May we be faithful Watchmen!

Anneliese & John. Switzerland.


Stephen & Delphine.H Chelmsford

Thank you for your Fellowship.

Rev. Steve & Janice B. Norfolk

A light that shines for us when we are away from our Spiritual Home. God Bless.

Liz S. Edinburgh.

Thank you.

Chris & Elaine G. Derbyshire.

Thank you for your welcome. We're praying for the family here.

Hans & Jean B. Kent

Thank you. Just what I needed to hear.

J. Hallam. Yorkshire.

Wonderful service.

Robert & Hilary T. Cumbria.

God bless you. Thanks.

Ian & Aimee R. Cumbria.

Very powerful service. Thank you.

Irene W. Romford Church

How nice to have a service on holiday.

Jenny & Dave R. Staffs.

Praise God for you here, so so pleased you are here for all. Thank you.

Rosam & Maria T. Ambleside.

Good to be with you.


Lynn S. Warrington

What a lovely experience.

Rosena & Andrew H. Leeds

Very encouraging and challenging.

Ian & wendy K. Farnsfield

A happy experience.

John & Elizabeth S. Exeter

Thank you.

Bev R. Somerset

Felt at home here. thank you.

Liz H.Carlton

Pleased you're still here.

John & Teresa C. Norfolk

Amazing. Thank you.

Graham & Ro B. Cranleigh

Thank you for the great service.

Peter & valeitt L. Nottingham

Keep on.

Jane & Pat P. Forest of Dean

Therefore, stand firm.

Ken & Ann B. Northallerton

Blessed Word.

Michael & Bridget K. Bexhill

We were blessed. Tanx!


Marita L. Warrington

Thank you for an uplifting experience. I feel blessed.

Lynn S. Warrington

What a lovely experience.

Sheila H. Cheshire

Was lovely to join you. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ann H. Widnes

Really enjoyed it. Many thanks.