Visitors 2016





 Christ Candle - Advent.

                                    CAROL SERVICE


 Fam Martha. Netherlands

 God Bless you all - Nice Service.


 John and Iris F.Belfast NI.

 Praise the Lord.


 Brian and Brenda. Shropshire.

 Good to be Back.


 David and Patsy K. Surrey.

 We gonna miss you guys when we go back to the UK next week. Hallelujah. Bless you and Keep  


 Pauline and Ron R. Gt Missenden.

 Thank you Lord you know all about us.


 Henry and Kathryn S. Glasgow.



 Robert. P'Blanca.

 Thank you Lord you are in my life.


 David and Joanne T. Kent.

 Expressing Joy.


 Samuel S. Italy.

 God Bless.


 Carol and Dave S. Essex.

 Beautiful - So peaceful.


 Ken and Helen P. Essex.

 What a joy to meet all the Lords people when we are on holiday.


 Robert. P'Blanca.

 I will miss the friendship with everyone here but - know i will come back when the Lord ask me too.


 Rob and Eileen L. P'Boro.


 Joanne and David T. Kent.

 First visit but not the last.


 Samuel E. Italy.  

 God Bless.


 David and Patsy K. Surrey.

 The warm Sun of Lanzarote is great, but the warmth of the fellowship and Gods Love in this Church is wonderful. 


 Gill and Ray Mc G. Merseyside.

 Thank you so much for Prayer and a Wonderful Message.


 Clare and David S. Notts.

 Lovely Service.


 Brian M. Chesterfield. 

 So good to hear the Word of God proclaimed.


 Hilda and Dennis B. Co Down. 

 Thank you for wonderful Praise, coming back for a "Top up" soon.


 Hans,Jean and Nicki B. Kent.

 What a wonderful Service.Thank you. x.


 Betty and Noel L. N.I.

 Enjoyed worship, Great Message.


 Steven and Rita R. Devon.

 Thanks for 4 weeks of fellowship and worship.God Bless.


 Fran,Brian and Mary.Dublin.



 Derick and Lorraine B.   N.I

 Thank you.


 Jane and Pat. UK.

 Thank you.


 Linda W. Sark C. I.

 I am in Touch again. x


 Jane and Pat P. Glos.

 An Oasis in the desert.


 Mike and Jenny C. Lincoln. 

 We missed our Service at home but really enjoyed this one.


 Pam and Corrie. Bexhill. 

 Thank You.


 John K. Tias.

 It was nice to be here again. x.


 Robert. P'Blanca.

 Thank you Lord.


 Brian and Liz. Essex.

 Wonderful Friendly Service. Really Great.


 John and Liz. Surrey.

 Wonderful Service and Welcome. True Bible Teaching.


 Jackie,John,Lesley, and Steve. Cumbria.

 Lovely Service. Great Bible Instruction.


 Derek and Monique S. Surrey.

 Blessed Again.


 Ebby and Hope S. Sussex.

 So good, once again to worship with you.


 Wallace and Jean. Scotland.

 Lovely Service. Thank you for your Ministry.


 Hazel H. Surrey.

 Challenging Service.


 Pat and Terry. B'ham.

 Very enlightening. Happy Atmosphere. 


 Lydia and Eric. Newcastle.

 May the Lord continue to Bless your Ministry.


 Nathan. Menorca.

 I received a good message, one that I've needed for some time.  



Thank you for leading me into your Peace.Amen. 


 Maureen B. Scotland

 Thank you very good.Amen.


 Yvonne F.N.Ireland.

 Thank you Your welcoming presence and worship. 


 Jordan and Agnes. Lanzarote.

 Very Good a lovely,prayerful,peaceful service. 


 Margaret W. N Ireland.  

 Lovely to be here. May the Lord continue to make you a blessing.


 Joan D. N Ireland.

 Wonderful to join the fellowship of this Church.


 Liz ans Elmer W. N Ireland.

 Very welcoming and friendly Church. God bless you all in your ministry.


 John and Evelyn. Newton Abby. 

 Praise the Lord for a wonderful service.


 Beverly B. N Ireland.

 Beautiful presence of God. 


 Anne A. N Ireland.

 God Bless you all.


 Jean B. N Ireland.

 God Bless.


 Christine N. Scotland.

 Best Music, best background, inspired Pictures.


 K.L. N Ireland.



 Mertie S. N Ireland

 Thank you all for making me so welcome. May God Bless you all.


 David and Mary N. Essex.

 Thank you for a uplifting Service and Word.


 Vic and Beryl B.

 Great Fellowship.


 Christine N. Scotland.

 Superb and Most meaningful.  


 Ivonne, Playa Blanca.

 Thank you for a very spiritual Worship. God Bless.


 Robert,Playa Blanca.

 Thank you Lord for all your Love and the help you give me.


 Roz H. Edinburgh.

 Lovely and Uplifting Service as always.


 James and Sharon. N.I.

 Thanks for today's Service. God Bless.


 Dorcas and Claudia.Liverpool.

 Thanks Kathy for  your words. Thanks for having this fellowship for us. May God continue to Bless you all.


 Rory and Sheila L. Northants.

 Jesus is the name we Honour.


 Rick and Sue G. Jersey.

 Jesus is here, Hallelujah. Tears of Joy. 


 Sally H. Inverness.

 The feeling of Love totally surrounds us.


 Terresa. London.

 Inspiring Worship and great teaching - very encouraging. Thank you.


 Pauline and Trevor C. Cumbria.

 At Home!


 Graham and Wendy. Suffolk.

 Great to see God is still moving here - looking forward to being here full time.


 Jim,Margaret and June. W.Midlands.

 Our time is up - we have so loved the fellowship and the Preaching of God's Word - Bye for now. 


 Chris and Ro B. Plymouth.

 Found you on the Website - Appreciated the Statement of Faith. Thank you for a warm welcome and encouragement.  


 Robert. Playa Blanca.

 Thank you Lord that you light up my life and give me hope.


 Pat and Darryl D. Cumbria.

 Gospel Service. Thank you.


 Louis and Ellen. Luton.

 Powerful Church. Praise God.


 Jenny M. Glos.

 Thanks be to God.


 Dave and Iris S. Totnes .Devon.

 Thank You.


 Robin and Rachel S. Truro,Cornwall.

 Thank You.


 Pauline and Alan J. Westcliff on Sea. Essex.

 Very Uplifting - Thank You.


 Stephen and Heather M. Stapleford. Nottingham.

 A Joy to Worship with you again. God Bless you all. Hasta Luego!!


 Bill and Diane G.Wellington. Surrey.

 Very Peaceful today. Thanks.


 Clodine. London.

 Best Service I have ever been too. Very Uplifting.


 Jean W. Devon.

 Very Uplifting - Thank you Victor.


 Jim and Margaret.W.Midlands.

 Thank you Victor - Great Word Again - Wonderful Service.


 Roger and Christine B.Newport.

 Newport Christian Fellowship.


 Sandra. Somerset.

 A Church of God.


 Les and Jeanne A. Bolton,Lancs.

 Very Good Service Most Enlightening. God Bless You.


 Wendy B. Dorset.



 Robert. P,Blanca.

 Thank you for your help - and listening to my Prayers.  


 Jeanne and Les.Bolton.

 I had a dream last week, I was telling someone God had His Gifts for them - and you told me God had Gifts and Plans for me.AMEN. 


 Chris and Roger.Shropshire. 



 MJ Sevenoaks

 Lovely Church.If Staying longer would come back.


 JJ Sevenoaks.

 Very Good Service.God Bless you all.


 Robert Playa Blanca.

 Thank you Lord.


 Robert. Playa Blanca 

 Thank you Lord.


 Jackie. Playa Blanca 

 God will bless you. 


 Peter,Janice,Kirk,Sam & Isaac. J.   Reading

 Lovely to be here today. Thank you for your fellowship. 


 Beverly J. England. 

 So wonderful to be in this church in God's presence. Thank you. 


 Karl J. Southampton. 

 So lovely to experience a meeting so far from home with other faithful believers. Thank you. 


 Nathan,Anna,George,Katherine  & Victoria D. Suffolk.

 So lovely to be with you this morning,. A great reminder that Jesus is Lord wherever you go. 


 Shawn E. Durley. 

 Blessed with good weather and a good God.


 Pam E. West Midlands. 

 God is here and has spoken to me today. 


 Aris & Sonja van W. Holland 

 God Bless. Thank you. 


 Emme Remyn Annek van W. Holland 

 It was a good service. Thank you for your kindness. 


 Jackie B.

 Thank you for the word of God. May it bless everyone who reads it. 


 Robert P.  Playa Blanca 

 Help the Lord  let me be strong. Thank you. 


 Robert. Playa Blanca

 Please Lord help us all. Need your help. 


 Jesse Mc Meryle W 

 Thank you for the opportunity to meet and hear God's word.


 Luke & Stacey. Liverpool 

 God bless you all in all you do. 


 Ali & Ben C. Sussex.

 God bless. 


 Gordon  & Elaine  L. Co.Tylone. 

 God bless. Lovely service. 


 Victoria  & Rondel L. N.Ireland 

 Encouraging message. God bless. .


 Julia, Ross & Isabel M. Peterborough. 

 Thank you. 


 Claire H. Colwyn Bay 

 Thanks for warm fellowship. 


 Michelle     Amside 

 God Bless you all. 


 Mikey & Heather.  Coventry 

 Just what we needed. 


 Robert. Playa  Blanca 

 Please God stay in my life. I'm a believer. 


 Julie Mc. Glasgow.

 Many thanks for the help and the welcome, very blessed sitting under the Word. Praying the Lord will bless you all as you serve Him on this beautiful Island.  


 Stephen Mc. Glasgow.

 Many Thanks.


 John and Amie.Glensberg 

 Blessed in His presence.


 Robert P. Playa Blanca.

 Thank you Lord for this day.


 Avril and Dennis. Co Antrim.NI.

 Very encouraging service.Remember to listen with your ears. Hope to see you next year.Thank you.


 Trish C. Trowbridge.

 Thank you so much for your Word of life. Your Word was so much for me today.


 Robert. Playa Blanca.

 Thank you for friends and that you exist.


 Brian and Anne. Blackburn.

 God is certainly leading this wonderful group through this Leader.


 Robert. Lanzarote.

 Thank you Lord that you are in my life.


 Adrian and  Lorraine Portadown

 Thank you for your fellowship.


 P.Ardley Hants.

 Great to Fellowship in this part of the worldwide body of Christ.


 Pam and Mary Wirral.

 Very welcoming fellowship.


 Steven and Cathy. Bradford.

 Great Service and Worship.


 Robert. Lanzarote.

 Thank you Lord.


 Terry and Cherith. N. Irland.

 God Bless lovely service.


 Andy and Jenny. Cheltenham.

 God is Great.


 Karl and Emma. Rochester.

 God Bless you all.


 David & Rachel K. Looe.

 Encouraging word & uplifting fellowship.


 Patricia S. N. Ireland. 

 Inspiring worship.


 Dave & Eve A. Liverpool. 

 The Lord is my rock & fortress. 


 Rob H.  Scotland. 

 Service lovely & uplifting. 


 Robert P. Playa Blanca. 

 Thank you Lord. 


 Paramjit & Lynn S. Birmingham. 

 The fellowship & worship has been very enriching.


 Robert. Playa Blanca

 Thank you Lord.


 Tim & Maria P. Bedford

 Blessed by the word this morning. God Bless you all. 


 Mario & Nines Nottingham. 

 Be blessed you all.


 Graham & Viv J. Sussex.

Thank you for your witness here. 


 Michelle B. Gosport.

Good word & welcome. 


 Margaret K. Scotland. 

Fresh presence displayed of our heavenly father. 


 Agnes Francis Scotland

 Very welcoming. It is good for us to be here.


 Robert Playa Blanca.

Thank you that you exist in my life. 


 David & Xander C. Glasgow.

Really good to share time with you & be together united in the Holy Spirit. Thank you. 


 Brenda A. Plymouth.

 I am opening my ears to the Lord today.


 Anne D. Cork.

 Be strong. Loved your service.


 Diane M. Stockport.

 Very moving sermon which touched & strengthened my heart.


 David D. Stockport.

 Greatly moved.


 Robert P. Playa Blanca.

 Thank U Lord that U help me get through all this. Amen.


 Lauren S. Bournemouth.

 Lovely time of worship & fellowship.


 Ken & Wilma L. Newtownards.

 Enjoyed the service. Very appropriate message. Be strong & courageous.


 Ann & Alan S. Staffs.

 Wonderful fellowship.


 Molly J. North Yorkshire.

 Thank you so much. What a blessing.


 Helen S. Ireland.

 Thanks. Lovely service.


 Robert P. Lanzarote.

 Thank you Lord that your help me getting through all this. Amen.


 David D. Stockport.

 "Greatly" moved.


 Diane M. Stockport.

 Very moving sermon which touched & strengthened my heart.


 Anne D. Cork.

 Be strong. Loved your service.


 Brenda A. Plymouth.

 I am opening my ears to the Lord today.


 Tom & Hilda O'B. Wexford.

 Excellent word. Agree fully unity is where God commands the blessing.


 Ann C. Southport.

 Thank you.


 Anne D. Ireland.

 Thank you. Great word from god.


 Ken & Wilma L. Newtownards.

 Very good sermon, enjoyed the service.


 R & M Baily England.

 Nice to be here. Enjoyed presence of our God.


 Marianne. Tilburg.

 Thanks Lord for this blessed service.


 Roger & Alison J. Sheffield.

 Thanks for this opportunity for fellowship.


 Mauro & Mirella. Turin.

 Grazie Xlaus Ospitalita. Bless You.


 Sam & Kathleen C. N. Ireland.

 Thanks for a lovely service.


 Robert Friedrich P. Playa Blanca.

 Thank you.


 Allan S. Haz.



 David & Arlene M. Waringstown.

 Blessed time. Thank you.


 Roger & Alison T. Sheffield.

 Wonderful to have fellowship on Pentecost Sunday. Thank you.


 Paula & Mum. Tyne & Wear.

 Wonderful time & fellowship. Thank you.


 Roberter & Fred B.

 Thank you.


 Helen & Allen S. Harrogate.

 Wonderful God. The Holy Spirit was in this place.


 Sam & Kathleen C. Belfast.

 A lovely welcome uplifting service.


 May & Janice T. Scotland.

 So glad to have had the opportunity to worship.


 Eddie & Sylvia G. South England.

 Great to be worshipping with Gods people in Lanzarote. Thank you.


 Trevor & Anne C. Milton Keynes.

 Good to be here. Thanks.


 Lamming & Hidderley Family. Oldham.

 What a wonderful way to celebrate our Lord Jesus whilst on holiday. God bless you all. Amen.


 Anthony B. Surrey.

 Amazing service & preach. Bless you all for all you do & bring.


 Kris & Graham S. Lincs.

 Great to worship here. So hard to leave. We'll be back.


 Andrew & Margaret Mc. Ayr.



 Anne V. Glasgow.

 A revelation.


 Barbara W. Cocknage.



 Eddie J. Aberystwyth.

 Very uplifting service. Thanks.


 Janet S. Hanley.

 Anointed leaders. Anointed church. God is here.


 Roger & Alison T. Sheffield.

 Thank you, it is such a blessing to have fellowship.


 Kay S. Glasgow.

 Thank you for allowing us to be welcomed into your church family.


 Fred & Fern S. Harrogate.

 A lovely greeting.


 Maggie Y. Sun Park.

 Really nice. Lovely to sing from the heart.


 Dench & Marique.       Fleatfileld.

 As always blessed.


 Sandy & Joe.             Sleaford.

 lovely service. Praise the Lord.


 Rod & Jackie              Salisbury.

 Enjoyed worshipping with you again. As always blessed. Thank you.


 Kevin & Margaret P.    Glasgow.

 Always a blessing. See you soon.


 Henry & Kathryn S.     Glasgow.

 As emotional as ever.


 Michael & Janis V. Puerto Chico.

 We both felt very welcome.


 Gerald & Eileen H. Oldbury

 May the Lord richly bless you as you follow him.


 Jane & Terry H. Bucks.

 The Spirit is here.


 Yvonne G. sun Park.

 Uplifting service.


 Ruth & Lee K. Newcastle.

 Thank you. Pray God bless & grow your church.


 Jackie & Dave W. Birmingham.

 Wow. Thank you. Was wonderful to be with a spirit filled church full of hope & love.


 Mark & Carole.  Jersey.

 A great blessing to find your leaflet in the wind.


 Yhuda & Maggie. Sun Park.

 Thank you for doing a lovely service and praying for Brian & Pat.


 Jackie & Dave. Birmingham.

 Wonderful welcome & friendly. Glad we came.


 Jean W. Devon.

 Good to catch up again. Praise the Lord.


 Kitty & Willy.  Holland

 Enthusiastic church.


 Jim & Eileen Mc.  Glasgow.

 Enjoyed the service.


 Ebby & Hope J. Rustington.

 Greetings once more in the name of Jesus.


 Cynthia & Erik B. Newcastle.

 May the Lord continue to bless your work.


  Ann & Pete M. Melton Mowbray

 Thank You. God bless your work here.


 Graham & Pam K. Kent.

 Thank you & God bless.


 Alma A. Newcastle.

 Uplifting wonderful service.


 John & Yvonne T. Barry.

 A great blessing to be here.


 Susan G.  Kent.

Michael K. 

 Service was a blessing to us.


 Pauline & Alan J. Essex.

 A wonderful great blessing.


 Alex & Carolyn Mac. Isle of Mull

 Have been blessed.


 Chris P. Scotland

 Bless you bringing God into lives.


 Corey P. Scotland

 Thank you.


 Jackie J. Chesterfield.

 A wonderful and uplifting service.


 Pete & Jill A. S. Cerney.

 Wonderful, God Blessed.


 Jayne & Chris B. Launceston

 So good to be able to worship and learn together as part of God's family.


 David & Tina R. Manchester.

 Thank you.


 Andy,Angel & Sarah H. Sheffield.

 Enjoyed celebrating Easter Sunday with you.


 Rev.Bruce & Sarah F. Sheffield.

 Always good to be in God's presence and with God's people.


 Norma & Stephen C. N.Ireland.

 Good to spend time with other Christians on Easter Morning.


 Geoff & Sheila C. Peterborough.

 Great fellowship Easter Day. Our Lord has risen indeed.


 Tony V. Holland.


 Mat & Sue C. Hastings.

 Great to be back again. Every blessing in Christ.


 Brian & Betty M. Wirral

 Ann & John P.   Notts.


 Brian & Liz A. Essex.

 Be back next year.


 Margaret D.  S. Wales.



 Jean S. London.

 Thought provoking.


 John & Rosemary G. Scotland.

 Good to share in fellowship together.


 Nancy B. Reading.

 Having heard a lot about this church from my parents, Paul & Janet P. It was great to be here.


 Dr. T H. Prestwick.

 Back next Sunday!


 Phyllis M      Castledown

Joe & Morag S. N. Ireland


 Norman & Evelyn M. N. Ireland


 Margaret & Ray M. Kent.

 Farewell to Patrick. Lord be with him & Edna.


 John & Carol C. N. Wales.


 Brian M. Chesterfield

 God's word faithfully preached.


 Lynn & Brian  Frinton.

 Another beautiful rousing & gorgeous sermon. Many thanks see you in Sept. 


 Elizabeth & John  Linton

 Thank you so much.


 Paul & Janet P. Cheam.

 God bless this church.


 Hilary & Stuart R. West Mids.

 Wonderful service. Thank you.


 Gill & Paul   Sandhurst.

 Found you and God thank you.


 Keith & Heather Newark.

 Thank you for your ministry.


 Marion H. & Mick H. Wolverhampton

 Thought provoking.


 David & Liz G. Prestwick. 

 Excellent service which spoke directly to us.


 Brenda & Brian Shropshire.

 Great service and a great blessing.


 David & Patsy K. Camberley.

 Wonderful to be back and to share the joy of the Lord with our brothers and sisters at Sun Park.


 Jackie & Colin K. Benson.

So good to spend a month with your brothers & sisters of Christ again. Thank you.


 Howard & Gill B. Bristol.

 Our first visit. Good to meet with you.


 Maria O. Worcester.

 A wonderful way to spend Sunday morning.


 Gwen & Stephen C. Ballyclove.

 God bless you in the on going ministry here.


 Tess C. Wiltshire.

 Thank you for your blessing of the service.


 Pat N. Wiltshire.

 May God bless you with much fruit & growth in the future.


 Cristine & Jamie T. Shetland.

 Lovely to be here.


 Brenda.   Shropshire.

 Lovely service.


 Ian & Aimee. Cumbria.

 Many thanks. Good service. Thanks for all the friendship.


 Mandy O & Patti H. Midlands.

 Wonderful to hear the Scripture so often quoted.


 Stephen & Linda P.  N. Ireland.

 Uplifting & encouraging.


 Pat N. Wiltshire.

 Thank you for a blessed service.


 Morris family. Liverpool.

 Good to be with you.


 Tom E. Liverpool.

 Very uplifting.


 John & Pat D. Perthshire

 Many thanks for the praise, teaching & fellowship over the last 2 months. We'll keep you in our prayers.


 Roz & Bob W. Essex.

 Thought provoking, encouraging & uplifting


 Hilda & Davies  Co. Down.

 Great to be back with you again.


 Derek B. Playa Honda.



 Dr. Eling C. Maidstone.

 Inspiring, enjoyable. Thanks Victor, Jean & all.


 Brian & Jennifer T. Tunbridge Wells

 Thanks to the excellent web site, we found you! Thanks and God bless.


 Peter S. Carmarthen

Thank you so much for all the work that goes into enabling to receive a blessing.


 Ingrid & Andy F. Battle

 Great to be back.


 Ian & Aimee R. Cumbria.

 Another good service. Thank you.


 Tony & Celia C. York.


 John & Jackie S. Lythans St Annes. 

 Felt comfortable and at ease.


 David & Carol S. Yorkshire 


 Sue M & Roger S. Tewin

 Loved it!


 Anne C. Lincolnshire 



 Roger & Kate S. Shropshire.

 The Lord sees the heart. Thank you and bless you.


 Linda,  Alistair, Tregenza H. Cornwall.

 Beautiful service. Thank you for inspiration. 


 Allan & Mauree  L. 

Lindsay & Be early G.

 N. Ireland.

 Lovely service. 


 Barry & Janet R.Worthing

 Good to be here again. Blessings to all.


 Gwent & Desmond S.

Ruth & Peter M. Belfast.

 Lovely to be here.


 Chris & Maureen Hampshire.

 The Lord was present today. ... as always.


 Margaret & Chris K. Essex.

 Wonderful to meet with the Lord's people on holiday.


 Eira M. Nestern.

 Thank you Victor & Jean for your work here.


 Gibbs & Freeman Family. Camden.

 Real blessing to be here with you all.


 Ian & Aimee R. Cumbria.

 Praise the Lord. Thank you.


 Donota W. Dorelnecht.

 Wonderful service.


 Anke V. Oordrecht.


 David & Jean J. Elphin.

 We bless the Lord as we have been able to meet with fellow believers.


 Irein & Geoff N. West Yorkshire

 How good to hear the Bible opened and explained amongst his people. God bless you.


 Joan M & Helen M Farnham Royal


 Richard & Susan S. Germany.

 Very encouraging.


 Glen & Rosemary M. Dunstable

 Thank you for being here.


 Susan & Alan S. Nottinghamshire.

 Enjoyed and fulfilled by our worship here. Thank you.


 Frayees & Richard G. N. Ireland



 Mr & Mrs Brenner. Germany

 It was great.


 Cheryl & Rudi R. merthyr Tydfil.

 Such a wonderful blessing whilst on holiday. Thank you.


 Ian & Aimee R.Cumbria

 Anothergood message. Thank you.


 Penny W. Meanwood Valley.

 Thank you.


 Steve & Annette P. Bury St Edmunds



 Ian & Loretta V. Frinton-on-sea

 Lovely time of fellowship.


 Helen P. Plymouth

 Here on a sabbatical for 2 months. So blessed to find you here.


 Jean & Hans B. Kent.

 Such a blessing to be able to worship & hear God's word. Thank you so much


 Anneke & Klaus B. Dryben Holland

 Thank you for your invitation under the rock, because Jesus is our rock.


 Jackie J. Chesterfield.

 God brought me to this church this morning and I am so grateful.


 John & Pat D. Scotland.

 Uplifting and helpful. Many thanks.


 Beatrice I. Leicester.

 A lovely service.


 Rena T. Dublin.

 Praise the Lord.