Visitors 2014





 Chrissie S. Chester

 The mtg was full of light, hope & passion. 


Angela,Rory,Isabel & Herb


 God's Kingdom is global. The sun never sets on those who praise him.


Enid & Pete C.Windermere

 Lovely experience. Thanks for being here. 


 Jim H. Groningen

 Thank you for being a family.


Heirm & Jein S.Noordhorn

 It's been a blessing being here.


 Angela & Roy F. London

 Great to join with you to celebrate the reason for the season.


 Nick & Kate W. Liverpool

 Great to share Christian Fellowship & a clear gospel message. God Bless.


 Jo & Dave     Manchester

 Happiness. Thanks.


 Steve & Rachel E. France

 Good to be sharing with the family of God in Lanzarote.


 Ian & Aimee  Cumbria

 Lovely to share this joyous time.


 CInne  D. Ireland

 It was lovely to be with you on this day. May the Lord bless you all.


 Ian & Aimee. Cumbria

 Very joyous service. Thank you.


 Thea & Avi. Norway 

 We enjoyed the service. Thanks!


 Iris. Mc.       Notts

 Lovely to worship & hear the word.


 Willem & Diheke H. Namibia

 Great service. Thanks for the food. 


 Margaret & Chris K.Essex

 "The peace of God"


 Ian & Aimee R. Cumbria

 Thanks for the really good word once again.


 Anne & Trev L. Lochpark

 Lovely to be with you all on the Lord's day. xx 


 Ian & Aimee R. Cumbria

 Many thanks once again. Very clear.


 David & Patricia B. Rugby

 Lovely to share with you.


 Ken C. Deer Close

 Maybe offer a time of anyone can pray?


 Ian & Aimee R. Cumbria

 Thanks again. Made us Think!


 Pearline, Hortense, Jennifer & Ellona. Peckham

 Lovely P & W Songs. Bless greetings & message to God. Keep up the Excellent Work.  

To God be The Glory!


 Diane & Bill G. Wallington

 Lovely to visit again while on holiday. Thank you.


 Mary & Terry G. Whetstone

 May "He" be a light to your path and a lamp to your feet.


 Cyntheia & Eric B. Newcastle

 May God continue to bless your work here.



 Very encouraging to see a church in Lanzarote. Keep up the good work.


 Andy & Mary W. Nottingham

 Really appreciated a lot of what was said about belonging.


 Aimee R. Cumbria

 Thank you.


 Mary H. Ireland


 Frank B. Ireland

 Lovely sermon.


 Linda & Graham F. Leigh

 Thank you xx


 John & Jean C. Shropshire

 Thanks for the invitation.


 Jean & Cedric P. Newcastle

 We will remember them!!


 Linda & Hugh C. N.Irland

 Very moving service.


 Andrew & Jacquie G. 

South Ayrshire

 Every Blessing in the Lord.


 Ann Meharry 

Preston Pans


 Shirley Boyd Co Tyrone


 Lorraine P. Co Tyrone

 Pleased to be here.


 Cona Doig.  Dundee


 Evelyn Boyle.  Dundee


 Vak & Carol W.

 Lest we forget!


 Sheila & chris D-T Baltin

 Praise God in Everything.


 Ebby & hope J. Sussex



 Lorna & Drew S. N.Irland

 A warm welcome. A great witness. God Bless.


 Isobel & Jim B. Scotland

 A moving service. Thank you.


 Shelagh & Bobby O. Liverpool

 Great service. Thanks.


 Jenny & Margaret 

Sun Park



 Alan & Winifred N.Irland

 Proverbs 3 V 5-6


 Henry & Kathryn S. Glasgow

 Going home on Thursday. Hope we will be back soon.


 Jenny & Emmie Ayrshire

 Every Blessing in the Lord.


 Chloe & Carol H. York

 Very detailed. Awesome.


 Henry & Kathryn S. Glasgow

 So pleased to be back. x


 Heather O. Millview

 What a lovely service. Praise the Lord for your church.


 Mary H. Carlisle

 Very nice service.


 Michael    Glasgow

 Second year visiting and another enjoyable service.


 Gerry & Emmie    Scotland

 The Lord bless all you are doing to promote Gospel.


 Danny & Mary   N.Irland

 May God pour out his Blessing on the church.


 George & Beryl R. N.Ireland

 First time & will be back next year.


 Donald & Liz M. Stornoway

 Thank you for reminding us that "The joy of the Lord is our strength"


 Ken & Beryl M.

 Strength in his word.


 Judith D. Exeter

 Thank you.


 Roy & Sheila L. Northamptonshire

Jesus Reigns.


 Rosemary B. Exeter

 Praise the Lord.


 Brenda  UK

 Beautiful. The Holy Spirit is truly with this church. God Bless xx


 Terry & Marion F. Chard

 Third Blessed Sunday. God willing we will return. May the Grace and anointing of God be on you all.


 Janet C. Leicester

 Thank you for the service. God Bless.


 Brian & Jennifer J. Kent

 Great to be back. God Bless you in your work here.


 Ralph & Clare C. Looe

 Very touching service. Keep up the testimonies.


 Simon B. Worcester

 Met with Him!


 David & Susan W. Wiltshire

 A blessing to find fellow believers meeting in our hotel!


 Jurin & Janice J. Dublin

 Thank you for your warm welcome and love- a real blessing.


 Shilough & John S. Heswall

 Uplifting after 2 funerals in 1 week at home.


 Michael & Pauline K. Peterborough.

 God bless your work.


 Mauree T. Aberdeen



 Marianne & Harald B. Tuebingen

 Thank you for fighting the good fight.


 Helen & Tony C. Newport

 Fantastic time in the Lord. Thank you so much.


 Jim & Ashlyn G. Aberdeen.

 Abundantly blessed to have you guys in our hotel- Amen to all you do.


 Sue S. Tadworth.

Visited in May & pleased & blessed to be back.


 Cathy F. Stockport.

 Thanks for good service.


 Des & Hilary.  Harborne

 A really nice Spiritual experience.


 Claudius & Dorcas A. Pool

 Nice to be able to join Christians to worship . Thanks for your words.


 Jim & Margaret & June Oldbury

 Adios amigos- hasta luego, via con Dios.


 Jean W. Newton Abbot.

 Thanking you for your love. Praise the Lord.


 Mary S. Midlands.

 Beautiful service.


 Sue. Mc. Midlands.

 Enjoyed it.


 Ernst & Anita H. Frauenfeld. Switzerland.

 Thank you !


 Innes & Enid R. Springfield

 Very Encouraging.


 Trev & Melanie I. N.Ireland


 Howard & Tegwyn E. Wales

 Thanks for the meeting. God Bless.


 Hazel & Jim A. N.Ireland

 God Bless.


 Shelagh & Andrew H. Farnham.

 Lovely to worship with the Lord's family. Thank you so much.


 Ken C. Walsall.

 Thank you for encouragement.


 Peter & Sue H. Emsworth

 Very uplifting. Many Thanks.


 Jim, June & Margaret Oldbury

 Good to be back.


 Maggie & Johnny B. Glasgow

 Always uplifting.


 Charlie & Linda M. Ballyby

 May God continue to bless your work in this area. Really Blessed.


 Paul P. Richmansworth

 Empowered and encouraged!


 Bill & Elizabeth D. Erskine.

 Thank you.  It was wonderful to be able to worship with you.


 Alan & Jenny D. Milton Keynes

 Warm welcome.  The Lord was here amongst us.


 Anita & Jack. Manchester

 Many thoughts to take away from the service. Thank you.


 Jackie B. 


 Paul P. Richmanswork


 Mark,Ailsa,Henry & Joshua T. Cumberland

 Thank you.


 Leeya & Kelly. Foxes Dale

 We enjoyed the service. It was very touching.


 Benjamin & Marianne. H  Frankfurt



 John & Patricia F. Strabane

 A really lovely service. Pity all the church couldn't come together.


 Elizabeth L. Kilmarnich

 Our God is so good. How good together in this place to worship him.


 Margaret E. Nottingham

 Wonderful Service. What a blessing! 


Catherine & Claire.E  Nottingham

 Meaningful service.


 David, Frances & Neil K. Ruislip

 Bless you for having a wonderful celebration of God's love here. Wonderful.


 David K. Ruislip

 We are Catholics but really enjoyed being able to share your wonderful service and we enjoyed the challenging work of your pastor. Thank you for the welcome.


 James, Mary, Jenni, Andrew & Grace. Flintshire

 We all enjoyed the lovely service this morning. Thank you so much. God bless your precious work here. xx


 Elysabeth L. Kilmarnock

 A privilege to worship. 


 Elena G. Valencia



 David & Maureen V. Norwich

 Enjoyed fellowship over 2 weeks here.


 Rosemary  EN915Q

 Thanks! Very welcoming & thought provoking sermon.


 Maureen V. Norwich

 I came to be blessed and I was.


 David V. Norwich

 And I was.


 Marina B. Aberlady

Robert & I had a double blessing, 2 Sundays in a row- The Teaching!


 Morina & Robert B. Aberlady

 God is good! All the time.


 Stephen & Heather M. Nottingham

 A privilege to worship together. Thank you.


 Ann M. Oldham

 Great to worship with you. God Bless you.


 Ian & Doreen D. Lancashire 

 So glad we came, enjoyed the service very much.


 Kathryn & Jean H. Cardiff

 Great to Worship with you. God bless you.


 Jackie & Graham W. Bath

 Thank you for being here for us. May the Lord bless your work.


 William G. Motherwell.

 Praise The Lord. Thanks to Victor & Jean & Congregation for their friendly and welcome on our stay.


 Liz G. Edinburgh

 Thank you again.


 L. Denhohn. N Lanarkshire

 Uplifting service. Thank you.


 Henry & Kathryn S. Glasgow.

 Wonderful to be back.


 Janead & Seamus


 Thank you. Blessings.


 Garry & Sandra L.


 Thank you for your encouraging words. We feel blessed & look forward to meeting you again. xx


 Karen & Steve C. B\Burn



 Ian C.  Hants.


 Sally C. Southampton

 Thanks for the fellowship.


 Graham & Sylvia B. Colchester

 Certainly full of the spirit. "On fire for God"


 Ian & Aimee Cumbria.

 Uplifting service. Good fellowship.


 Graham & Sylvia B. Colchester.

 Truly blessed once again.


 Norah & Malcom S. Newcastle Upon Tyne.

 Lovely service.


 Ian & Aimee  Cumbria.

 Uplifting service. A bit special.


 Ely R. Scotland.

 Spirit of God was very evident in the church.


 Lucy H. Salford.

 Always lovely to see how God is moving in this lovely church!



 Lovely people. Really enjoyed rejoicing & worshiping with you. Talk came from the heart and we felt connected with the spirit.


 Ginger & Grant.  USA.

 Thank you for your truth while we are visiting.  You are filled with the spirit and we        appreciate you.


 Roger & Alison T.  Sheffield.

 Thank you for a time of worship & fellowship.


 Fred & Sue W.  Devon.

 Very enjoyable.  x


 Tom & Carole B.  Liverpool.

 A lovely service.


 Chris & Tony M.  Bristol

 Nice service.


 George & Anna S.  Paisley.

 Thank you for giving us a spiritual uplift.


 Roger & Alison T.  Sheffield.

 Thank you again. Please pray for those in prison in Lanzarote and we will pray you have a chance to take them the words and love of Jesus.


 Andrew,Graham,Christine & Paul

 Thank you.


Sue S.  Tadworth.

 Very friendly atmosphere & meaningful message.


 Roger & Alison T.  Sheffield.

 So wonderful to see Edna & Patrick again.


 Sylvia & Derek M.  N Ireland.

 God Bless you lovely warm loving group.


 Agnes B.  Kilbride

 Glad to be with friends + spirit.


 Steve & Andy.  Kettering

 A real bonus to find a church in hotel. Thanks.


 Ian & Aimee.  Cumbria

 As usual great service and thanks for prayer. God Bless!!


 Richard D.  Walsall

 God Bless.


 Ken C.  Walsall

 Dios Bendicir. God Bless. Thank for "usen" me


 Derek & Monique S.  Sussex

 Bless you all.


 Duncan M.  Manchester

 Thank you.


 Julie R.  Wolverhampton

 Peace of Prayer x.


 Rev Ken & Rosemary.   Kent.

 Thank you for the service.


 Liz & Brian A. Braintree.  Sussex. 

 Thank you, many blessings. 


 Jean & Connell C.   Glasgow. 

 Uplifting service. 


 Anne T.  Hillingdon.   Middx. 

 Uplifting service, many blessings. 


 David & Rosemary H.    Tunbridge Wells.

 Thank you. 


 Babs R.   Glasgow. 

 Very welcoming. 


 Ellen H.   Kingston U Thames. 

 Lovely service. 


 Pete & Christine   Worksop.

 A lovely time of fellowship. 


 Barbara K.  Norfolk. 

 A blessing today. 


Linsay C. Paisley  Scotland. 

 Feeling very blessed. 


Ian & Aimee   Cumbria. 

 Thank you for an uplifting service. 


Franklin & Heather A.  N.Ireland. 

 Enjoyed our time with you all. 


 John, Pauline & Patricia.  London.

 Brilliantly refreshing. 


 Simon & Dawn.  Colchester. 

 Keep strong, thank you for friendliness. 


 Linda & Bernard K.   Essex.

 A haven of peace - thank you.


P Wood.  Scarborough. 

 As usual lovely - God filled. 


 Sam, Yvonne, Ben, Ollie & Daisy F.  Eastbourne.

 How wonderful for this little gathering ... !!!


 Jeanette & Jamie F.   Wokingham


 Bless you Christian family.


 Graham & Kris S.  Bourne, Lincs. 

 Great to be back and good to see all is well. Thanks. 


 Ruth O. Cockermouth. 

 (Still here) Praise God for His goodness. 


 Ruth O. Cockermouth. 

 Praise god for His goodness. 


 Henry & Kathryn S.  Glasgow. 



 Gary O.  Bexhill-on-Sea. 

 What a surprise - we stumbled on you by accident ?!  You were such a blessing.  


Terry G.  London. 



Phil & Debbie B. Bewdley, Worc. 

 Great service. Encouraging and challenging. 


David & Linda L.  Newcastle. 

 Bless you all. 


Alan & Ruth O. Cockermouth. 

 Lovely to be here again. P.T.L. 


Imelda L.  Playa Blanca, Lanz. 

 I'm delighted to have Christian English fellowship here. 


John & Ruth  Northern Ireland. 

So refreshing to spend time with the Lord - in a fellowship with other believers. 


Neil & Mandy S. West Wickham. 

Thank you for your fellowship. 


Cliff & Jo Clitheroe, Lancs. 

Surprised to have a service in the hotel. 


Brian & Val M. Chesterfield. 

Good to hear The word of God proclaimed. 


Raymond & Margaret  Bexley. 

The Spirit of the Lord be with you always. 


Jackie & Colin K.  Cholsey OX10 

Thank you for a helpful and challenging series of talks - lovely to have met Jean, Victor and super team.


Enid    Trentham, Staffs. 

Thank you. 


Sue     Trentham, Staffs.  

What a blessing this service is. 


Margaret & Wm. B. N.Ireland. 

Great to come along and meet with other Christians. 


Sheila & Geoff C.  Peterborough.

Great fellowship as it always is - Bless you. 


Derek & Wendy P.  Gwynedd. 

Lovely welcome and challenging message. 


Margaret & Ray M.  Kent. 

Thank you for your warm welcome. 


Malcolm&Elizabeth B. Somerset. 

Delighted to return & see the Lord's victory. 


Muller Benedicta  Germany. 

 It's just a wonderful day. 


Juergen & Janet K.  Hereford. 

Thank you. 


Carole & Paul McM.  Cheshire. 

Good service. 


Christine & David. Vineyard Ch.  Birmingham. 

Lovely to be able to worship with you. 


Ray & Beryl G. Hope Ch. Shrewsbury.

Thank you. 


Martin & Sue  Kings Ch. Hastings 



Anthony & Cecilia  Sheffield. 

Good to have fellowship with Christians here. 


John & Sula M.  Suffolk. 

Thank you. 


David F.  Bournemouth. 

Good to have been here. 


Pat D.  Taunton, Somerset.  

Lovely service. God bless you. 


Sue & Martin C. Hastings, E. Sussex. 

Really encouraging. Thank you. 


Lindy P. + Judy & Ron G.   Epson. 

Friendly, would have liked a time to ask for prayer for friends who were unable to come.  (We always have a period announced at the end of service when people can come forward for prayer as one lady did today. The author was given prayer for her friends before she left, but had already written this comment in the visitors book, she had missed the earlier announcement .)


Lynda C.  North Shields. 

A wonderful service. 


Arthur & Anne C.  Stockport 

Uplifting and challenging. 


Ali B.  Wareham, Dorset. 

Very warm fellowship, thank you. 


Ian & Aimee R.  Windermere, Cumbria. 

Yet again we have be blessed. 


Stella M. Ipswich, Suffolk. 

Peace ful. 


Billy & Pauline K.  Cullybackey, N.Ireland.

God Bless your witness !  


Denis & Hilda.  Bangor, N.Ireland.

Greetings from West Church. A different experience from our Church. Much appreciated. 


Roger & Linda P. Daybroooke, Nott'm.

Our second visit and once again a blessing. 


Ian & Aimee  R. Windermere, Cumbria. 

Many thanks for the good words. 


Rita & Moritz C.  Germany. 

We enjoyed it very much to join in this service. It is wonderful to meet Christians all over the world. 


Barbara & Phil.  Benfleet, Essex. 

Good to be back and enjoy the service with our Christian friends. 


Ian B.  Holywell, Flintshire. 

Very good service, thank you. 


Peter & Marion.  Wirral, Merseyside.  

Thank you for an exhilarating service.  


Margaret.   Nottingham. 

Always welcoming. Good word. 


Barry & Janet.  Worthing, W. Sussex. 

Good to be back again ! 


Ken & Helen P.   Melksham, Wiltshire.

Thank you for lovely fellowship and spiritual challenge & refreshment. 


Gary & Heather.  Wigston, Leicester. 

Great to meet a Christian family when on holiday, Thank you.


Tam P  V.D.Zeep.    Nederland. 

We are encouraged by the Holy Spirit. 


Diana & Bryan M.  Nottingham. 

Wonderful to be able to join you & praise God together in our Hotel whilst on holiday here in Lanzarote. Keep up the good work ! 


Carol & Fred S.    Chatsworth, Gloucs.  

Lovely fellowship. 


Fred & Florrie W.  Waterboville, Hants.  

A real blessing. 


Chris & Maureen  Chandlers Ford,          Hampshire. 

Our 5th year with you: we wish we could wrap you up, put you in our luggage and take you home ! 


Gary & Cheryl B.    Bolton. 

This group of Gods People have a great gift of Holy Spirit.


T & Andrew F.  Battle, E. Sussex. 

Enjoyed last week, back again this week. 


Jaup & Bridgitte  B.    Hasen, The Netherlands.    

Thanks for the service. 


Agnes G.    Callander, Scotland. 

A growing and faithful Church. may the blessings continue to flow. 


Neil & Freda McK.   N. Wales. 

Keep shining the light in Lanzarote. 



"God dank ! " (God thanks ! )


Jim & Janet N.  New Forest, England. 

Nice to be back. 


Chris & Elaine G.   Buxton UK. 

Thank you again for Blessings. God Bless you ! 


Henry & Kathryn S. Glasgow. 

Glad to be back again. Praying for Patrick and Edna X 


Elizabeth H.  Carlton Coleville England. 

Back again after 3 years. !! Pleased to find you're still meeting. God Bless. 


Agnes G.  Callander Scotland. 

May the Lord keep using you to bless us all. 


Graham & Rosemary B.  Surrey. 

Great to find a Church & fellowship in an hotel. 


John & Elizabeth S.  Exeter.

A welcome but unexpected joy to have this in the hotel. Blessings.