Visitors 2017





 Pamela S. Yorkshire.

 Blessings to all.


 David and Eileen C. N.I.

 Blessings to all.


 David and Carol S.Yorkshire.

 God Bless you all.


 Gill L. Herefordshire.

 God Bless everyone. 


 Betriice L. Switzerland.

 Lovely worship.


 Gaffney S.Switzerland.

 Good message of hope..


 David and Patricia. N.I. 

 Thank you for the powerful Word of God


 David and Edna.Scotland.

 Lovely Service.


 Brenda and Brian. Shropshire.

 Thank you God for bringing us back.


 David and Tina R.Cheshire. 

 Love the fellowship, so nice we are back again.


 Margaret and Jim Cheltenham.

 Lovely to Worship with other Christians when on Holiday.


 Heidi S. Germany..

 Good to be here.


 Chris and Linda D. Scotland.

 Lovely and Welcoming.


 Stephen and Justine Mc. Burton-on-Trent.

 Nice Service, Uplifting talk from Victor.


 Hilda and Denis. N.I

 Thanks for 4 weeks of Blessings and Fellowship.


 Fely M. Leeds.

 Amazing Group.


 Kath and Peter L. Worcs.

 Thank you for the fellowship  and Blessings we have received.(PTL).


 Ali M. East Sussex.

 God Bless. Thank You.


 Ali C. East Sussex.

 Praise the Lord.


 Margaret and Chris K. Essex. 

 Lovely to Worship here again.


 Carmel. N.I.

 How Lovely to have this Church.


 Jode, Nelecke, and Thais. Holland.

 Good to meet our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.


 Trevor and Celia W. Andover.

 God Bless.


 John and Sandra I. S.Wales.

 Great to share fellowship with you.


 Mo and Trevor B Haysham.

Family of God.


 Janice and Alan. Suffolk.

 Lively but thought provoking - Gods word shared.


 David and Jenny M. N.I.

 Brilliant Encouragement. 


 Paul H. N.I.

 Wonderful Uplifting.


 Ken and Richard.

 New Members.


 Claus and Dianne W.Surry.

 Great Worship and Service. Blessings.


 Simon and Sonia B.Berkhamsted.

 A Great Love.


 Lynn and Paramyit S. Birmingham.

 A Blessed time.


 Pat and Ivan W. Royton.

 Thank you for a blessed time. 


 Elizabeth and Hugh B. Staffs.

 Very Moving.


 Philip and Janet M.N Yorkshire.

 A moving Service.


 John and Wendy C. Sussex.

 A Lovely Service. Thank you.


 Paul B. Calverley.

 Wonderful Remembrance Service.


 Nykki M. Norfolk.



 Hope and Ebby J.Sussex.

 Good to be with you again.


 Trevor and Jane K. Leicester.

 Thanks for all the preparation to make it so effective.


 John G. Norfolk.

 Great Service I'll be back.


 Anita and Ernst H. Frankenfeld. Germany.

 Great Service Lovely to be here.


 Souja and Martin W. Germany.

 Thank you in the name of Jesus.


 Keith and Heather D. Notts.

 Lovely to be in fellowship again.


 Sam and Elain B. N.I.

 What an awesome God.


 Kenny and Joan McK. UK.

 We loved being here!!


 Vic and Beryl B.Essex. 

 Praise the Lord for His presence with His People.


 Derick ad Jacqueline. 

 Thanks for apowerful message.


 Dirk, Ulrike, Tobias, and Samuel. F. Kevelaer, Germany.

 What a Blessing for us to hear Gods Word! We are quite encouraged. 


 Mike and Theresa E.Bath. 

 Thank you for equipping us to be a "Pioneer" 


 Gary and Debs K.Cornwall.

 Truly - Wonderful Blessed Word. 


 Janice and Eric B.Staffs.

Good to be back with you.


 Mary H.Dublin



 Frank B. Dublin.

 Very Good.


 Barbara and Les W.


 Good Word.


 Martin and Brenda H.Cork. Ireland.

 Thank You.


 Sally and Derek. W.Sussex.

 God Bless.


 Mark,Denise and Anthony. Donegal. Ireland.  

 Thank You.


 David B.UK.

 God speaking to me as always.


 Steve and Kate. Norfolk.

 Thanks, Great Service. 


 Mandy J. West Sussex.



 Pamela and Jim H. Scotland.

 Enjoyed Worship.


 Paul and Sue M. Staffs.

 A Good reminder to build our lives in Jesus.


 Ann D.Bucks.

 Jesus, Thanks for everything. 


 Basil and Elizabeth H.N.I

 Made you think of what you need to give. (To the Lords Service) 


 David and Rachel P. Cornwall.

 God Bless you in your work in Lanzarote.


 Peter and Jennifer M.N.I

 A Good Message.


 David and Wendy. Staffs.

 Lovely to connect and be here.


 Peter J.NI.

 Lovely to be back.


 Tom C. UK.

 Brilliant Word, now to act upon it.


 Sheila and Rowland L. UK..

 "I am able to save, and keep"


 John and Ruth. N.I.

 Thank you so much, Inspiring encouragement.


 Keith and Heather V.Sussex.

 Encouragement from Nehemiah !


 Holger and Antje D. Germany.

 Very Blessed. Thank You.


 Ken and Beryl C.

 Another good Word.


 Willie and Fiona H, Scotland.

 Thank you for Praying for Ruben and Jonathan.


 Ken and Beryl C.Kent.

 Thank you for the Word.


 Sylvia and Graham B.  Colchester.

 Thank you for a very good Service.


 Done and Lynda D.S,Wales.

 Rewarding and Challenging.


 Chris and Heather. UK.

 Rewarding and Challenging.


 Peter and Chris C. Dorset.

 Very Blessed - Thank You.


 Richard and Ingrid M. Cheltenham. 

 Lovely morning.


 Graham and Sylvia B. Colchester.

 You may have relocated but the Word of God is as Strong as ever.


 Eileen and Margaret. Dunstable. 

 Thank You.


 Peter and Chris C. Dorset.

 Wonderful Welcome Service as usual. 


 Jean W. Devon.

 It was good to come into the House of the Lord.


 David Mc. N.I.

 Praise the Lord. Blessed us well. Needed Reminding.


 Kathleen Mc.N.I.

 I was truly Blessed.


 Stafen,Kirsty,Alissa, and 

Timor F. Germany.

 Thanks for a great Service.


 Jenny M.Glos.

 Good to find Love and Fellowship here.


 Chris N.Marcastel.

 Lovely Service, I enjoyed it.


 Julia,Ross,Isabel and Martin.


 An important Lesson for "Life - Giving" for God.


 Kath and Brian T. Barnard Castle.

 So glad to find Christians here serving the Lord. God Bless you. 


 Jonathan,Kath,Clare, and Joshua K. Wigan.

 Wonderful fellowship in this amazing family of God.


 Ruth W.Essex.

 Nice to be here.


 MacC. Scotland.

 We are very Glad we came, and feel Joy more so.


 Stephen and Heather M.Nottingham.

 Thank you again a real blessing to be with you again.


 Gill F.Cheshire.

 Great to meet with fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ.


 Alan and Lynn A. Merseyside.

  A lovely Service and made to feel very welcome. Thank You.


 Maggie Mc.Ipswich.   

 Great Service to enhance faith. 


 Jamie S.Fife.

 Lovely Godly Oasis during our holiday.


 Gaun S.Fife.

 Wonderful to meet and Worship together.


 Marika.Playa Blanca.

 Thank you Lord for the Encouragement. 


 Barbara and Cotter.N.Irland.

 God Bless.Lovely Service.


 Alistair and Rebecca.Huddersfield.

 On our Honeymoon, So good to Worship with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.


 Ali C. Sussex.

 The Lord is my Shpherd.


 Roland,Sue,Luke,Emily,and Hannah. Shropshire.

 Great Service, Loved it all.


 Gaynor B.Swansea.

 Wonderful to have fellowship away from home.


 Barbra and Malcolm R. Lanc's.



 Chris L. Rugby.

 Loved Marines Song.


 Rosemary and Ken F. N.I.

 We were truly Blessed today.Thank you.


 Henry and Kathryn S. Glasgow.

 Going home on Saturday. See you soon.x.


 Roy H. Ireland.

 Lovely service as always.


 Sam and Kathleen C. Ireland.

 Lovely Service.


 Kay and Simon A.Devon.

 May God keep leading and Ministering you greatly. 


 Barbara and Malcolm R.Lancs. 

 Blessed by the Word once again.


 Sam and Kathleen C. I.N.

Thank You. 


 Roy T. Teeside.

 With Thanks.


 Bill and Rena M. Inverness.

 Bless you all.


 Gertrude D. Ireland.

 Lovely to enjoy fellowship.


 Hazel H. .Ireland. 

 Very Educational. 


 Anne D.Ireland.

 May the Lord Bless you.


 Hanz and Jean B.Kent.

 Thank you for  wonderful fellowship. Until next time. God Bless you all.


 Kathy and Nigel K. Wales.

 A very apt Word for us - to wait. Thanks for Praying.


 May and Janice T. Scotland.

 Thank you.


 David and  Arlene N.I

 Great to Worship with Brothers and Sisters in His Kingdom.


 Gareth and Pauline W. Ely.

 Wonderful service with visiting Pastor David. I had prayer for healing.


 Hans and Jean B. Kent.

 The Lord is here by His Spirit. Hallelujah. 


 David and Rachel P.Cornwall.

 God Bless you always.


 David and Patsy K. Surrey.

 What a Joy to share again with Brother and Sisters in the Lord in Lanzarote.


 Jean and Hans B.Kent.

 Thank you for a wonderful Service.


 David and Maureen V. Norfolk.

 Blessings of the Lord.


 Michael and Janis V. Playa Blanca.

 Superb Sermon.


 Terri L. Dyfed.

 Wonderful Fellowship.


 Maud McC.Playa Blanca.

 Wonderful Time.


 Vivian Clare B.Playa Blanca.



 Dennis and Liz G.Ayrshire.

 God Bless.


 Ali. Sussex.

 God Bless.


 Sue and Rob J.Playa Blanca.

 Totally uplifting. Many Thanks.


 Rod and Jackie . Wiltshire.

 As always a real blessing and anointing of Gods Presence.


 Linda C,S.Devon.

 I came as one person, I go home as another.God Bless you all.


 Rev Philip C.N.I.

 He is Risen 1 Cor:58.


 Margret A. Scotland. 

 God Bless.


 Trish B and Angela M. Newcastle upon Tyne.

 Lovely Service.


 Graham and Jean H.UK.

 Thank you for  an uplifting Service.


 Anne W.UK

 Wonderful Service.


 Jean W.Newton Abbot.

 Wonderful to see the Lord is thriving - Bless You All.


 Carol C.Essex.

 Good to be here.


 Margret and Nanny B. Glasgow. 

 Thank you for a Lovely Service.


 Pat and Darryl. Cumbria. 

 Thank you for the Service.


 Steve and Kathy. France.

 Thank you for the Service.


 Margaret A. Scotland. 

 Lovely to be back.


 Eli A. Midlands.

 Beautiful Church God Bless you all.


 Colin and Juanita H. Cumbria.

 Very Anointed - Praise God.


 Neil and Jean C. W.Midlands.

 Warm,Friendly Welcome.


 Celia and Trevor W. Andover.

 Lovely service.


 Gill and Paul R. Sandhurst.

 Thanks for a Blessing again. See you next year. 


 Louise and Ken G. Scotland.

 Our Love stays with you as we return to the UK.Keep Praising His Name.


 Yvonne G. S.P.

 Lovely to be back and join in the Church Community.


 Ian and Maureen. W.Sussex.

 The Lord Bless you and keep you.


 Keith and Heather D.Notts.

 Thank you for the Brothers and sisters who made us welcome. Challenging and Refreshing.


 Peter and Angela G. Teesside.

 A Joy to be with you.


 Jean S.Isle of Arran.

 Wonderful know I now why I came.


 Paul and Janet P.Surrey. 

 Good to be Back.


 Mandy S.Kent.

 Good to be back here again.


 Katie and Ashliegh  Southampton.

 Nice little Church.


 Elaine G. Buxton.

 Thank you for  the 4 weeks of ministry. See you next year.


 Brian and Jennifer J. Tunbridge Wells.

 Lovely to be back again.


 Paul and Gill R. Sandhurst.

 Always uplifting. 


 Terry and Marion F. Somerset.

 So Lovely to be back.


 Colin and Jackie K,Oxfordshire.

 A very helpful oasis in the week. Good Spirit filled Preaching.


 Brenda and Brian.Shropshire.

 Lovely time in Gods Church.Thank you.


 Dennis and Hilda.N I.

 Enjoyed 6 lovely weeks worshipping in this Church.


 Ebby and Hope J.Sussex.

 Great to be with you again keep praising.


 Steve and Rita R.Devon.

 Thanks for 5 weeks of fellowship.


 Cliff and Christine.

 Glad we found your Church on your website and thank you for your welcome.


 Derick and Sheila.

 Thank you for your welcome.


 Dang and Liz W.Isle of Bute.

 The Word of God is Powerful and Sharper than a two edged sword.


 Luke and Helen H.Scotland.

 Thank you for a lovely Service and a great Word.


 Chris G. Buxton.

 Thank you for answered Prayer Lord.You know what I mean!


 Stephen and Cathy. Bradford.

 Thank you for the Love of Jesus.


 A.G Hove.

 Thank you for His Peace.


 Bob and Joy J.Newport.

 Good to find a Church here.


 Hazel. Belfast.NI.

 Very relevant. 


 Allen H. Lanzarote.

 Nice Service.


 Kim and Elaine S. Bishops Storford.

 Wonderful Fellowship and Love.


 Linda and Bernard K.Essex.

 Enjoyable Service - Good to be back.


 Linda and John E.Ross-on-Wye.

 Thank you for your Ministry.


 Jim and Isabel B. Dundee.  

 Greetings from Grace Church Dundee.


 Anthony and Adele. Beaconsfield.  

 Thank you for a lovely Service.


 Hermant and Anke. Holland. 



 Natalie F.Sussex.

 Lovely Service.


 David and Leslie. 

 Thank you.


 Barry and Valarie R. Sussex. 

 Wonderful -"For such a time as this" Back next year.


 Linda and John E. Herefordshire.

 Wonderful time. Great meeting old friends. Enjoyed fellowship.


 Derick and Leslie L.

 Thank you.


 Roy and Anne G.

 Most Blessed.


 Sue M. Herts.

 Just what I needed to hear.


 Lynn W. Sun Park.

 Different for me.


 Don M. Scotland.

 God Bless.


 Barry and Janet R. W.Sussex.

 Great to be back again. Bless You.


 Stuart and Hilary R. Halesowen.



 Margaret and Chris K. Essex.

 A wonderful worship time with Gods people.


 Maureen and Alan L.NI.

 Enjoyed the Service and Fellowship.


 Neil and Freda. Wales.

 May the Lord continue to be at home with you here in His abode. Jn 15.


 Chris and Janet P. Wales.

 Great to fellowship with you.

  Ernie and Brenda N.Cornwall. We really felt Gods Presence here today.

 Graham and Kris S. Lincs.

 We Love this Church.


 Robert and Sadie M. Scotland.

 Lovely Service. Thanks David for your Preaching.


 Brian and Brenda. UK.

 Wonderful encouraging Word. Thank you.


 Loretta and Jan V. Essex.

 Great time of fellowship.


 Beatrice C. 

 food for the Soul al very friendly.


 Ann and Dan S. Scotland.

 God Bless you all.


 Loraine B. Scotland.

 Delighted to be back again. God Bless everyone.


 Norman R. Glasgow.

 Thanks you all yet again.PTL.


 Graham S. Lincs.

 So wonderful to see numbers increasing. So much since last time. 


 Matt C. Cornwall.

 Thank you all for having me. Loved every minuet!! Brilliant Service and looking forward to next time.


 L.C. England.

 God Bless.


 Lynne and Brian H.Yorkshire.

 Thank you for the Word.


 Pat and Ivan.

 Thank you for the wonderful Blessing and encouragement Through the worship and the message. 



 Thank you for an Encouraging Service.


 Helen W. Plymouth.

 Great Encouragement from Pastor and Songs.


 Gillian K. Herts.

 Thank you Lord.



 Great Service Praise the Lord.