Date Name Comments

David & Joanne T Suffolk



Carole H Edinburgh

Food for thought, Great Service

Carol & Robin L Bristol

A lovely Service

Lynne & Brian H Barnsley

A lovely Service again and warm welcome

Cliff J Cork

Thank you for your welcome and encouragement

Chris & Maureen Chandlers Ford

Lovely Service, uplifting

Ian & Joan B Rotherham

Excellent worship and ministry


Ken & Helen P Wiltshire

Profound and encouraging, Thank you

Tracey C Faro Park

I was made very welcome, Thank you

Allga & Maureen L N. Ireland

Lovely, friendly church


Ted & Gillian C Surrey

Uplifting, a great mix of Christians

Norman & Hazel Co Armagh

we met with God in this Christ-centred place

Barry & Janet R Worthing

Great to be back again, blessing to all

Bod & Hilary Cirencester

Friendly and warm welcome, Challenging message


Nicky W Northern Ireland

Lovely to meet with God's people

Wendy&Graham Bury St Edmunds

Great to be back and to worship God amongst friends

Bod & Adrienne Somerset

God bless your work here

Ron & Pauline R Great Missenden

Amazing, may God bless you all


Julia & Kathryn England

How refreshing and free


Kim & Elaine S Bishops Stortford

Another year on, God is blessing your church

Dave & Pippa R Looe, Cornwall

Lovely to be back with you again

Rodney & Olive C Ireland

Thanks for the blessings


Brian & Jennifer J Tunbridge Wells

Lovely to be back again

Janet & Philip R Scarborough

So good to be back with you all

Denis & Hilda N Ireland

Privilege bro worship with you, enjoyed the message

Graham & Sylvia Colchester

Truly blessed again

Jamie H Amersham

Thou art everywhere Amen

Brenda & Brian S Shropshire

Great service, thank you for our time here


Chris & Elaine G Buxton

Thank you for blessing us again on our 7th visit

Joy J Amersham

Thank you for the wonderful service and fellowship

Claire & Tim H Rickmansworth

Wonderful welcome, leaving with joy

Paul & Sherry Leeds

Very inspiring, Thank you

Roly & Sheila Rushden

We serve a Mighty Saviour


Jamie H Amersham

Thou art everywhere

Rodney & Olive C Bantry, Cork

Thank you for wonderful blessings these past four weeks

Jean H Puerto del Carmen

Praise the Lord, what a great God we serve. Amen


Drew & Janet M Newry N Ireland

Thank you for a lovely service

Valerie & Harold P York

Thank you for making us so welcome. God bless you all

Susanne & Brian P Twickenham

Thank yo, uplifting service, very welcoming

Kirsten D Glasgow

It has been lovely having a church whilst in Lanzarote

Carole H Scotland

Thank you for a wonderful three months of praise, worship and fellowship

John & Pat D Poraco, Scotland



Paul H N Ireland

Wonderful to be back

Peter & Jackie A York


Trish D Northants

Welcoming and uplifting

Sue & Martin Hastings

The presence of God here is so wonderful


Dannie & Margaret C East Kilbride

Thanks for the warm welcome

Rachel & Andrew H Bath

our second time to this lovely Church. The first time we were so thankful for your kindness when our son badly cut his head.

Paul H Lisburn

Enjoyed the worship


Angela & John P SA3 5WY

Excellent service, Thank you

John M Swansea

Such a blessing. Spoke to me

John & Denise B West Yorkshire

A blessed time while on holiday. He is risen. Uplifting time of fellowship, praise and God's Word

Dave,Adele,Nathan& Abigail W. Yorkshire

We had a very blessed time celebrating Easter here while on family holiday


Hans & Jean B Pembury

So lovely being with you again. The Lord is good

Brenda & Jack O Lowestoft

Have had such a good time and been blessed today.

Margaret & Bill B Bally Clare Co Antrim

Glad we found the church, much appreciated


Wendy & Graham Bury St Edmunds

Great to fellowship with you!

Andy & Norma Leeds

Lovely fellowship


Joy O Newtown, Powys

Pleased to be together worshiping God in Church. Joy and Peace are here. May God bless and add to the number

Brian & Iris G Scotland

Loved being with you, Praying for guidance and blessings

Ruth & Clifford Newton, Powys

May God bless your service here in Playa Blanca


Basil & Elizabeth Co Down, N Ireland



Bill & Elizabeth C Poole

Thank you for your welcome

Pauline & David W Canterbury

God bless your work here


Heather & Paula North Tyneside

Lovely time meeting fellow Christians

Colin & Deb D Wales

God bless you abundantly

Mareike Cape Town

Wonderful worship and Word. God bless you


Kathleen M Ballykelly NI

God bless


Peter D Ceili Community Kilbeggan

God bless, enjoyed Nicky, I'm a Catholic, may we all be one


Sue S Poringland Norwich

Very lifted by worship / message



Thank you Lord, lovely Service


Paul & Elaine S East Kilbride

Lovely to worship with you. God bless

Kevin & Sue A Stratford upon Avon

Lovely, friendly open welcome and great word and service


Diane M

Beautiful service, great worshipping with such friendly people, Thank you Lord for leading me here

Rob & Edith W Isle of Man

Very welcoming and uplifting

Ian & Elaine B County Antrim, N Ireland

Wonderful time spent in fellowship

Jean, June, Jim-Devon, Stoke, W Midlands

Another visit, when as usual, great worship


Patricia and Bo Holland

Nice and short

David and Cheryl W Cardiff

God is in this place


Wendy and Graham Bury St Edmunds

Wonderful sense of God's presence in this morning's worship. Thank you to all who serve in this fellowship


Andrew and Laura Castlewella


Holy and Sheila L NN10 0EH

Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever

Tony and Kay S York

Great to renew fellowship


Christine N Scotland

1st class sermon

Michael & Jill W Swansea

Great to be with you and enjoy the warmth of God's love in a wonderful group of people


Valerie & Harold P York

Three powerful Messages, Thank you


Nigel G Dingwall Scotland

Thank you for the opportunity to worship with you today

Mertie H Belfast

I have enjoyed my attendance with your group

Neil, Pam,Angus & Isaac M Bournemouth

Always a blessing to meet with other Christians


Ivan & Heather F Newtonabbey N I

Enjoyed the fellowship in your new location, May GOD continue to Bless the church meeting here

Theresa & Mike E Wick

Beautiful familyof God. Great time with God


Denis & Hilda N Ireland

Great to be back with you for a few weeks

Danny Chesterfield

May God bless you lovely Church. Great message, great worship

Paul Lisburn N Ireland

Lovely to be back


 Carl Collingham

 Wonderful service


 Rick & Mary H   Beverley E Yorkshire

 Lovely to be back in this blessed fellowship


 Pauline & Ron R    Great Missenden

 Always a blessing to come back to the service. Wonderful fellowship